An Inside Look: Falling Skies Set Visit – Cast Q & A Part 1

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Now it was time for us to move to the main set, where the rest of the Falling Skies cast was filming. When we arrived, we met up with Colin Cunningham, Peter Shinkoda, Drew Roy, Sarah Carter and Connor Jessup to talk about their characters and the show.

The cast are not worried about type casting and most welcome being typecast on a show like this. The cast also discuss how their characters personalities are like or different from their own. Colin steals? Never! Well maybe he does, see what he says about his skitter finger necklace.

With the final episode of season 2 being filmed right now, we are very close to the start of an epic season 2. Season 1 ended with Tom going with the aliens aboard their ship in an effort to protect Ben who they claim isn’t free from the harness or it’s effects. They seem to hint they would not call Ben back if Tom goes with, but the question remains, what will Tom learn and can Ben be saved?

Listen to the first part of our Q and A below.

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