Greg Beeman Talks Falling Skies Season 2

After stopping for a few more photos with our guide, Connor Jessup, and our resident Skitter, Keith; we then went into the sound stage to take a look at some blue screen work being done for a fill in. This type of scene is typically CGI work that is done after the scene itself. It is usually shot with the actors and then the effects are inserted in later on. It was amazing to see the amount of people that it takes to make something happen for CGI. In the photo below, we see the crew preparing for what looks like the top of a building with debris. It will be for a scene that is going to be shot with a CGI background.

Inside, we also met director, Greg Beeman, who was in charge of today’s shoot. We learned some new insights into what we will see for Season 2 and what we might expect from some of our characters. When talking about Noah Wyle’s character, Tom Mason, Beeman said, “That Tom learns things that are scary and this season isn’t going to be pretty.”

He also commented on Ben Mason. Viewers will see a bigger, stronger, and changed Ben, as he is someone who is fighting for his humanity.

Greg Beeman was also asked what it is like to direct child actors. He has enjoyed it and said they have a better time showing their emotion and come into a scene with no agenda, in turn, making them easier to direct. When asked who had an interesting story line this year, Beeman pointed directly to Connor Jessup, who he said has a really interesting plot.

Check out the remaining photos from this set below. Be sure not to miss our next article where we talk about Connor Jessup’s character Ben and his increasing importance in the story leading into season 2. We will also be posting our 30 min Q and A with the cast where we cover a large range of topics about their characters, themselves and favorite moments from season 1. If you missed our previous set visit articles don’t forget to check them out:

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