Grimm Review – Last Grimm Standing

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An older couple is preparing dinner when the man goes out to fetch their dog. He’s attacked by a lizard-faced creature and is forced back into their house, where the creature follows and attacks the woman. Then men on horses arrive, calling out the name Dmitri. They chase him down, throw ropes around him and drag him away.












Nick and Hank arrive at the crime scene and find a few clues, but what brings the most information is a bloody fingerprint traced to a parolee named Dmitri. They visit both his parol officer, Leo, and the gym where he works, but no one has seen him for a few weeks. Dmitri’s workout partner, Bryan – who happens to be a Dickfellig – leads the pair to the trail where he and Dmitri would go running. Bryan heads off on his run, and he too is captured by the same men on horses and dragged away. Meanwhile, Dmitri’s abandoned and stripped car is found by a vacant warehouse, which they explore and find a lot of blood and strange symbols and Italian words carved into the floor. A lot of the blood is Dmitri’s – maybe it’s some kind of fighting ring?












Captain Renard confronts Leo, saying that the fight club has gotten out of hand and that Leo is not playing by the rules he’d set down. Leo informs him that he no longer cares if Renard is royalty – the fighters they have now are better than those in the past and they’re bringing in more money. Renard reiterates that Leo needs to shut things down, or he’ll clean up the mess for him.












Nick talks to Monroe while at his aunt’s trailer, and Monroe confirms that he knows something of these sort of fights – but he doesn’t know where one would be held. That said, he knows someone who might know, so he goes to visit a Vessen bookie and gets the info on where to meet someone who’ll take him to the fight. Monroe is on the phone with Nick as people arrive in a horse trailer, and Nick knows immediately that these are the men capturing Vessen for the fights. He hears Monroe be dragged off before someone smashes his phone. Nick immediately heads to where Monroe said he’d been waiting, telling Hank the location and asking him to get backup there ASAP.












Monroe is put into a cage next to Dmitri and pulls a large nail out of his hand, and for a moment, Dmitri seems almost human again. Then the handlers drop raw meat into their cages and Dmitri turns savage again, chomping away at what is clearly human flesh – Monroe can see tattoos on the skin. Monroe is dragged to the ring to fight Dmitri – he tries to reason with him but there’s no use. He attempts to fight him, but he has no experience and is quickly beaten. Just as Leo is about to sentence him to death, Nick arrives and stops him, saying that he’ll fight in the place of the Blutbad. Nick actually manages to defeat Dmitri without killing him, but the onlookers want blood and are about to attack Nick and Monroe when the police arrive. Monroe slips away in the confusion, and Dmitri and many others are arrested. Leo, however, manages to escape – but not for long.












Renard had gone to a church and spoken to the priest there, saying that he needed his wrath. He then arrives at Leo’s home, where he’s cleaning out his safe. He blames Renard for what’s happened and tells him that he’s going to pay. Renard says that one of them is, and a creature attacks Leo from behind (the priest, no doubt), killing him.

Also during this episode, Juliette reminds Nick of their upcoming 3rd anniversary and asks what he’d like for dinner. She then begins to put away the laundry and discovers an engagement ring hidden in Nick’s sock drawer. She smiles and puts it back. On the night of their anniversary, though, Nick is at the fight club and Juliette is sitting at home with their dinner. She finally gives up on waiting and goes upstairs to look at the ring again, clearly having second thoughts about whether she wants to marry a police detective. Right then Nick calls, apologizing and saying he’s on his way home, but Juliette doesn’t seem very happy.

This was another good, action-packed episode. The continuing development of the friendship between Nick and Monroe is probably the best relationship on the show – despite the fact that Monroe keeps getting into situations with Nick where he can be hurt or killed. Monroe was already unusual for a Blutbad, but actually helping a Grimm is certainly far more than other Vessen would be willing to do. It’s hard to say if something could still happen that would cause Monroe to pull out, but the possibility can’t be ignored. This episode shows a little more about the ‘royal’ status that Renard has – and the fact that it clearly isn’t enough to keep the Vessen in line any longer. Is this due to his protecting a Grimm? We know he’s been threatened because of that already, but there may be other things going on. Lastly, Nick’s relationship with Juliette seems strained due to the anniversary, but surely there have been many dinners – important or not – that Nick has missed because of his work. Is it more important now that marriage could be a possibility? Will Nick pop the question without explaining the Grimm world to her – and if he does tell her, how will she react?

Vicki Dolenga