Lost Girl – Food For Thought Recap

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Lost Girl Season One – Episode 6, Food For Thought


Episode Six begins with the much loved banter between Bo and Kenzi. Bo is getting ready for a night on the town with Lauren, which is to be a test of Bo’s control over her powers. While Kenzi teases of a date night with Lauren, Bo confirms it is only for test purposes. That the night is to be disaster free.

The show then cuts over to a older woman in the kitchen preparing happily a meal in her kitchen. Cheerfully taking a item from the fridge, then placing what looks like a human foot into her soup. Then next we see her in bed where she is feeling unwell. She sits up looks at herself and screams, there is blood coming from her eyes.

Meanwhile, back to Bo and Lauren the pair of then are at the bar discussing how Bo see’s the others around her as a Succubus. She explains that she see’s energy flow, like a sexual aura, the more sexually aroused someone is the hotter they burn! Lauren asks Bo how she rates some of those around them on a scale of 1 to 10. She gives her her thoughts on a couple at the bar. (Let me just add here that Lauren to me seems to have her flirt on and is totally eying/check n Bo out here hardcore, you so see the crush that she has on Bo here.) Next, Lauren asks Bo to rate her, Bo totally blushes here and giggles. She comments what about keeping it professional, Lauren says oh it is just scientific curiosity. (Sure Lauren we believe you.) Bo and Lauren stare into each others eyes, and Bo says she is defiantly curious that she is not so sure it is purely scientific! Lauren smiles and giddily says they need another drink. So the two of them sit together and chat, enjoying each others company, then it is test time! Bo is using Lauren for the test! They hold hands and Lauren feels Bo’s powers, they lean in going for the kiss when Bo jerks back. She says she can’t do this that she will never gain control over her powers. Lauren is so encouraging that she can control her powers. They part for the night.

Next morning, Bo and Kenzi are waiting for Lauren in her lab. Lauren is late coming in, wanting to reschedule cause she has to make a house call. Bo eager to spend more time with Lauren inquires more and gets invited to tag along much to Kenzi’s dismay. (We can see here that Kenzi is defiantly not to keen on Lauren.) Our trio arrives at the home of one of the oldest Fae orders. Kenzi is told to wait and not break anything in the living room, she doesn’t want to go into the sick room. Lauren and Bo go into the Aswangs room, they are eaters of the human dead, they rarely need to see a doctor. They don’t take a human life, only use their dead bodies for their nourishment. Both sides benefit from this Lauren says cause the Aswang will eat the diseased human dead. While Lauren is looking over the Aswang woman, of course Kenzi can’t stay put. She goes off to the kitchen and checks out what there is to eat. She goes over to the soup yummy, she digs in and has a bowl full. Meanwhile, Lauren is questioning the woman on what she has eaten in the last 24hours, to try an determine the cause of the Aswangs illness. Bo and Lauren quickly go to find Kenzi whom is indeed eating in the kitchen. They tell Kenzi whom is so very displeased at this info, and immediately goes to wash out her mouth. An angered Kenzi reprimands them for not telling her before about the Aswang eating dead people and so on. While Bo assures Kenzi she will be fine, there are doubts. Lauren says that it may not be the food, she is going to test it out, in the meantime she suggests that Bo should check out the funeral home where Halima the Aswang usually gets her food from.

Back at the Dal Riata tavern we see Trick meeting with another Fae. Clearly business meeting, Trick is acquiring a rare ingredient to make a special dish. In return the gentleman asks for a special item of Tricks which he says is out of the question, but indulges the man and lets him see it. Trick explains this is a rare piece of rope forged by Dwarfs, it used to restrain a rare creature. Instead the man of course settles for a different item.

At the funeral home Bo inquires about the body that was sent recently to the Aswang Halima. The funeral director explains that there are strict guidelines that they go by in picking suitable candidates to go the the Aswang. The man that was sent to the Aswang was a hit and run victim, that was determined Aswang only, cause he had a odd look about him the director said. Next, while at the home of the dead human, they interrupt what appears to be a burglar tossing the place. Kenzi collapses, and when she looks up Bo see’s she is now also bleeding from the eye’s, just like Halima. Quickly she is taken to Lauren, whom is working in the lab to find out more about this illness. She also reports that Halima is getting worse that her family is bringing her in. Lauren explains to Bo that the even though the man (that they ate) was killed by a car, he was very ill before he died. Lauren will need to know where the chemical (in the foot issue) that she cannot identify came from in order to make a cure for them. Bo reassures the ill and very dismayed Kenzi that she will get to the bottom of this for her.

Off to visit Dyson for more information is where Bo goes next. The always handsome Dyson is more then willing to help Bo. He goes over the dead humans financial which are very suspicious, there is a company that does not exist that he was getting money from. With a lead from a tattoo, Dyson goes with Bo to have a chat with the guy that was tossing the humans apartment. Very persuasively they find out he was paid by a guy that went into the Behren Chemicals building. With this new information Bo goes to Kenzi to reassure her that she is going to get what they need to cure her, and she will be back soon. Dyson stays with Kenzi comforting her, as she puts on her brave face and acts like she is not worried. Bo discusses with Lauren that she needs to go into Behren Chemicals and wants her to come with, she needs her help. Lauren feels since she works for The Ash she cannot go, but Bo points out that this kills Fae and it is in their best interest. So Lauren reluctantly goes a long with Bo. Lauren has an idea that she can pose as a visiting consultant. In which Dyson thinks he can use his contacts to have customs detain the real one for a short time. Bo goes into Behren Chemicals, to get the job as assistant to the director of operations, she slam dunks getting the job with the use of her feminine charms. With Dyson getting the real consultant detained, Lauren is then free to pose as her.

Back at the lab a very ill Kenzi wakes up and is looking for Dyson whom said he would stay with her. She is very afraid, everything seems to be foggy, but she sees that the Fae woman Halima is dying. Not wanting this for herself she begins to try and get out of the lab, they are forced to sedate her. While at Behren Chemicals, both Lauren and Bo have successfully infiltrated. Lauren has found that whatever they are looking for is going to be in sector 6, which she does not have clearance for. So it is up to Bo to use her female persuasion to get what they need to get into sector 6. They devise a plan together to  accomplish this. Bo successfully gets what they need from her boss, while Lauren creates a diversion. It works and she has security distracted, though when Bo gets up there, there is still one to deal with. While Bo’s feminine presusion fails on the guard outside sector 6 she is forced to use her powers. Bo has been very concerned about her being able to control her powers, it is put to a true test here. She wins out and is successful in using them, on the guard. But then it seems not enough, the guard gets back up and points a gun at Bo. Leaping in from the side a quick Lauren injects him with a chemical, and he falls to the floor. Lauren realizes that Bo used her powers, an the man was still alive. (mini celebration between the two.)

Meanwhile, when Dyson returns to the Fae lab, he finds that Kenzi has runaway from there. He uses his ability to track scents to find Kenzi. She is sitting in a graveyard alone, he comforts her and agrees that he won’t take her back to the Fae. But will take her somewhere safe. Dyson takes her to The Dal, where Trick gladly closed down early to help with the situation. Trick says that he can buy Kenzi some time, but the rest will be up to Bo and Lauren. Trick calls in the gentleman from the beginning of the episode, he needs a rare item to help out Kenzi. He says he had to trade some of his prized possessions to get it for Trick. To show his gratefulness and pay the high price he gives him the highly coveted Dwarf made rope, along with a free future trade. Trick then uses the item he got to make Kenzi a tea, which she drinks. Dyson returns to the room to sit with Kenzi comforting her.

Back to Bo and Lauren they get into sector 6 finding the only thing in the room is a gigantic tank with a creature in it. Upon closer look Lauren says that it is a extremely rare underFae called a Basilisk, that has toxic skin. It is on life support inside the tank Lauren remarks. They open up the tank to get a tissue sample to make the antidote. Lauren then wants to take it off life support so they can no longer use it. When they do alarms ring, and they both bolt out to safety. They then get over to The Dal and give Kenzi the cure that Lauren has now made. Bo thanks Lauren for all she has done for Kenzi. While Trick gets Kenzi some much needed untainted food. Afterwords, Bo and Dyson chat between themselves. Bo eagerly sharing that she had gained control over her powers and can probably even have sex with humans causing no causalities. Dyson says he is alright with her seeing other people then. End of Episode.

During that last conversation between Bo and Dyson you can totally tell that He is just saying what he  has to say. Though clearly Dyson does want to be with Bo and her him. These two just can’t seem to admit that to one another. On the other side it was great to see another side of Trick. Clearly he has a soft spot for Kenzi, and possibly humans in general. All in all, another good Lost Girl episode, I love that there is always a new Fae shown to us each week.


Elizabeth Murray