The Walking Dead – Chupacabra Review

If you asked me to tell you three key things to summarize what this episode was about then I would have to say:
• napalm
• a blood sucking dog
• dead people walking around

Yup. Let me explain…

We start out in a flashback where people trying to get to the refugee camp in Atlanta. Cars are lined up as far as the eye can see. The people are out of their vehicles, walking through the mess. Everyone is stranded on the backed up and totally blocked highways leading into the city. Out of the blue, and much like a war movie, helicopters fly over and proceed to bomb the Georgia capital. Napalm explosions are everywhere. All the people can do is watch in total disbelief, in shear horror. (At least we now know why Atlanta looks like Sherman marched through again)

A Blood Sucking Dog
Soon we are transported back to the present where we find our survivors planning the day’s search for Sophia. Daryl makes the suggestion that he borrow a horse to ride the top of the ridge in efforts to be able to look down and have a bird’s eye view to hopefully spot the lost girl. T-Dog jokingly pokes fun at Daryl when he brings up the campfire story of Daryl’s chupacabra. Rick had not heard the camp tale yet so Dale explains that once Daryl went squirrel hunting as a kid and swears he came across a chupacabra. Rick’s reaction? “So, you believe in a blood sucking dog?” Daryl’s response… “You believe in dead people walking around?”

Before we get to my third key of the episode allow me to veer off slightly onto a little side road. (smiles) The pick-up line of the season award goes to Glenn with his line “You know ah, we still have eleven condoms” to Maggie. I mean come on. How adorkable is he! I could just pinch them cheeks…

Now let’s get back on track here.

Dead People Walking Around (in a roundabout way)
While on his ride looking for Sophia, Darryl stumbles upon a doll by the creek bed. After gathering the item and making his way back to the horse, you can tell he has a glimmer of hope burning brighter than before. That is until his horse is spooked by a slithering snake. He is thrown off and tumbles his way down the ravine. Not good! Not good at all! The camera pans to show an arrow sticking roughly out of Daryl’s side, we watch blood running everywhere.

Everybody knows what is soon to be discovered: Zombies. But before we learn this we travel with Daryl up the ravine. He is trying so hard to get himself out of this mess. Every move he makes sends god awful pain through his body. He continues to push himself further and further up the side of the ravine.

“Ah come on, you’ve done half… stop being such a pussy” he goats himself into pushing through the pain to try and make it the rest of the way up. With his next push he loses his footing and to the bottom he falls. After he gains conscious we see our first dead man walking, and it is not exactly who was expected. He’s not a zombie at all. It is Daryl’s assumed dead big brother Merle.

“Why don’t you pull that arrow out dummy?”

Exactly what Daryl needs to get himself motivated to survive: his antagonistic asshole of a brother. To follow along with the conversation held by the long lost brothers and what happens, watch the video below.

More to the Episode:
So besides napalm, a blood sucking dog and the dead walking around there were a few more things that should be discussed. For one, Hershel is growing into more and more of a jerk every episode. I do not understand the man, and he needs to just go away. I am tired of his smug pretentious face, but I digress.

I think you already know I adore Glenn and Maggie. They have the potential to be great. I just wish the eleven remaining condoms they possess were around when Lori conceived. I am not looking forward to that storyline unfolding. I hope the writers are able to change my mind about this.

The Annie Oakley Routine

Andrea gets teased by Dale about her being on point with a gun and watching the camp, much like Annie Oakley would have done. She takes no time in biting back about how she doesn’t want to wash clothes anymore. She wants to help keep the camp safe. Dale, being smart for once walks away.

In the distance Andrea spots what she is sure is a walker. She screams to everyone “WALKER” The men take up arms. Rick tries to talk them down, but is unable. He runs in pursuit. Andrea is still on the RV with rifle in hand. She takes a shooter’s stance on her belly and Dale tells her “don’t”. She snaps at him to shut up.

Meanwhile the men have caught up to the supposed walker to find a much wounded Daryl. A lone shot rings out and Daryl hits the ground. Andrea has fired and hit him. Thank god she only grazed him!

What Else?

• Rick and Shane have it out in the woods over the search for Sophia
• Dale and Glenn have mixed words over Maggie
• Lori tells Shane to back away
• Andrea and Dale have a bonding moment
• A communal supper is held
• No one knows how to play guitar
• There are zombies in the barn

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