Doctor Who Season 7 Preview Trailer – With Ben Browder!

I think we can all agree that “Doctor Who” is cool, bowtie and all.  I also think we can say the same about Ben Browder, sans bowtie of course.  About the only thing better than the two is putting them together and that’s exactly what we get in this preview trailer for season 7.

If you like Doctor Who and goosebumps (who doesn’t, right?) then this trailer is perfect for you.  There is a lot of running, a lot of shooting, and a lot of awesome in this video.  The episode set in the American Wild West was actually shot in Spain.  There’s also a glimpse of one of the Doctor’s oldest enemies.

No date has been announced for the premiere of season 7, but it has been reported that the season will consist of 14 episodes inclusive of the Christmas Special.  Six of those episodes will air later in 2012 with the sixth being the Christmas one while the final eight will air sometime in 2013.

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