Grimm Review – Island of Dreams

Adalind and Captain Renard meet at a museum to discuss the Hank situation. She says she’s not getting anywhere, and he insists that she try harder and gives her a vial of Hank’s blood. She asks why they aren’t going after Nick directly, and Renard tells her that the way to a man’s soul is through his friends.

Juliette and Nick are having dinner when Juliette tells Nick that she wants shooting lessons so that she can feel safe in their house. There’s a knock at the door – it’s their former refrigerator repairman who was amongst the Wesen that were spying on the couple. He’s brought them a gift – a beautiful handmade blanket – to say that he and his family are sorry. Nick and Juliette are bemused but appreciative.












Two Skalengecks – lizard-like creatures – are getting high off an unknown drug using a strange pipe, discussing a robbery they’re about to commit. They head out to the tea and spice shop, arriving just after Adalind leaves with her supplies. They knock the owner down and head to the basement, find the drugs and are about to leave when the alarm goes off. They go upstairs but the owner, a Fuchsbau, manages to bite one of the Skalengecks on the leg, and he shoots him. Nick and Hank are called in and it’s immediately obvious that no money or valuables were taken, so they decide to test everything in the shop to see if the owner was dealing in anything illegal.












They contact the owner’s next of kin, his sister Rosalie, who comes to Portland for answers about her brother’s murder and to take care of his business and funeral. She has no idea if her brother was doing anything illegal but agrees to look around the shop to see if there’s anything she notices. Nick discusses the case with Monroe, who agrees to accompany him to the shop to see if he recognizes any of the substances. Rosalie is surprised to find a Blutbad with Nick, and still doesn’t understand how he can keep his Grimm identity and world from the other cops. However, they discover that her brother was selling a Wesen drug known as “J” – it wouldn’t affect humans but it’s like meth mixed with rat poison for the Wessen and highly addictive.

Meanwhile, Adalind drops by Hank’s apartment with a basket of cookies for him as thanks for saving her life. He insists that she doesn’t need to thank him any further, but he happily tries a cookie. She’s pleased that he likes them and tells him they’re only for him and not to share.

The robbers return to the spice shop with the plan to clean out the rest of the “J” stash, but they find Rosalie instead. She manages to get away from them and calls Nick. She’s able to pick the two men out of a book of criminal’s photos, which is a huge help. Nick wants to send officers with her to her brother’s house for protection, but she requests Monroe because he understands the situation better. Monroe spends the night on the couch, and then the two head over to the spice shop again in the morning.












Hank and Nick go to the robbers’ apartment, but the two men are onto them immediately and begin shooting wildly. Nick takes off after them, but Hank, under the affect of the cookies, thinks he sees Adalind and goes a different way. Nick backtracks to look for his partner, and the robbers escape. Captain Renard arrives just as they begin to go through the apartment, but then Nick gets a call from Monroe, telling him that Sgt. Wu had passed out just as he arrived at the shop and now his face was covered with huge, blistering sores. Nick tells Hank and Renard that they’d found something at the spice shop and heads over there. Wu looks awful and is hallucinating, but Rosalie mixes up a brew with the herbs in the shop and gives it to him. He passes out for a few hours, but he gets better, so they take him to his apartment and leave him sleeping on his own couch. Rosalie explains that she’d seen this when her parents ran the shop – someone had mistakenly eaten a spelled item meant for someone else. It would work fine on the intended person, but caused the bad reaction to anyone it was intended to affect.












Rosalie reveals that she used to be addicted to “J” and now that the police have cleared out the robbers’ apartment and stash, she’s sure they’ll be looking for a fix and suggests a Wesen “crack” house called the Island of Dreams. Nick and Monroe go in but leave Rosalie in the car. Nick finds one of the robbers, who starts shooting, which causes everyone to run out of the place. Monroe sees the other and chases him outside, but the guy pulls a gun on him… just as Rosalie hits him from behind with a brick.












Nick visits Wu at his apartment, who says he’s feeling better, just hungry. Nick is obviously relieved, telling Wu to call him if he needs anything. As soon as Nick leaves, Wu unzips his couch cushion and begins eating the foam like it was the most natural thing in the world.

Monroe goes by the spice shop to bring Rosalie flowers as a thank you for saving his life. She’s happy to see him and thrilled with the flowers. She tells him that she’ll be staying in Portland for a while, and he’s clearly excited by the news.

Nick takes Juliette for her shooting lesson and is amazed at how accurate she is for never having used a gun before.












This was a good episode for plot developments, as we once again have the character of Adalind back in the picture. It’s still not entirely clear what she and Renard’s ultimate goal is, but it’s obvious that they’re trying to get to Nick – but what do they want with him? Will Nick figure out what’s going on with Hank and tie Wu’s episode to him? Will anyone find out Wu’s eating strange things and why? Another interesting development was Juliette wanting to learn to protect herself instead of breaking up with Nick. For a little bit, it seemed like she was ready to just throw in the towel, but now she wants to make it work and feel more in control of the situation. However, the Wesen bearing multiple gifts has her wondering what exactly Nick is up to again. The most fun development is the attraction between Rosalie and Monroe and what certainly looks like the possibility of a relationship. As we’ve only seen a past girlfriend of Monroe’s, it’ll definitely be enjoyable to watch this develop – hopefully!

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