L5 – You Love It, Here’s Why You Should Donate

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At 0832 CST Monday March 5th, L5 passed one million downloads.

For all of you who’ve downloaded L5 and enjoyed it, but have yet to donate anything, please allow me to explain how giving just a dollar would be the best investment you could ever make.  One damned dollar people.  You spend five times that each morning at Starbucks and all you get is 5-10 minutes of coffee you could’ve made for pennies at home.  With a single dollar from each downloader we could have already cemented a couple of 13 episode seasons each with budgets of over twice what this one cost.  Imagine how much more awesome it would be with more budgetary freedom. (Maths: $1,000,000 / 26 episodes over 2 seasons = $38,461.54 per episode.  That’s 2.54 times the pilot’s budget…for a buck!)

For the price of one “Happy Meal” you could get a month’s worth of exciting episodes instead of 5 minutes worth of simple carbs heavily infused with sodium and saturated fats and a crappy toy that’ll either end up in a landfill or in the bottom of your foot after junior leaves it in the hallway one night.  You’d be getting mind-blowing entertainment instead of filling your kids with poor nutrition and risking potential foot surgery.

For the cost of a couple of matinee movie tickets (Yeah, the cheap ones!) you could get an entire season’s worth of exciting, hard, gritty science fiction with a compelling story instead of 90 minutes of special effects with just enough plot to barely hold them together.  Or worse,  some comedy whose humor is 90% crotch/sex jokes that looks like it was written by a gaggle of 12 year old boys.  Heck, if you’re getting popcorn and drinks you could trade that in for two more seasons!  In short, stay home from the next over-budget/under-plotted “bleakbuster” and instead relax at home with the comfort of 3 continuous years of solid science fiction that doesn’t disappoint.  (You can still rent the Bluray of that Hollywood bloatbuster at Redbox a few months later and be disappointed for a lot less, plus I bet you don’t charge yourself $7.00 for a cup of Coke.  My wife does, but that’s another article entirely.)

The decision is easy and it’s kind of like going on a diet, but in order to reach your goal you only have to skip one meal per year (not every day) to get an entire season’s worth of L5.  I dare you, no I triple-dog-dare you to find a better return on your investment than that!

You’re probably asking yourself, “Who does this guy think he is telling us to pay for what’s available for free?”  Well, I’ll tell you.  I’m no different than you, actually.  I love science fiction, I want to support an online model that gives us what we want instead of what some network suits and nameless Nielsen families say we like, and I want control of my entertainment.  Oh, and I donated $10, so yeah, I put my money where my mouth is.  If we don’t donate this gem withers on the vine and we set back online entertainment by possibly years.  This is such a sure thing for such a small investment it’s a no-brainer.

Please, if you want the future of entertainment to begin now then be a part of the pioneering effort so you can look back and know we were the ones who helped start it.  There are few times in human history when the average individual can make a lasting difference and those times are dwindling so do this with us and we all win.

A couple of clicks on PayPal and you can cement your place in internet and entertainment history.  That sure beats the hell out of climbing a mountain to make history and best of all it gives the proverbial finger to the bloated, self-absorbed, wasteful and uncaring model some traditional television suits cling to like Smeagol clinging to his “precious.”  We’re united in our love of science fiction and our desire to see a change, let us be the better people and show we can all come together and support this undertaking not only with our downloads and words, but with the needed funds to keep it alive because of all the web series I’ve seen L5 is one of the most deserving.  And I promise you there will be more efforts by other groups coming out this year to wow you, so this really is the start of the trend we’ve long been waiting for.

As of this writing the total downloads for L5 was at 1,039,552, but the total donations were only at $7,473.  That’s not even half the budget of the pilot and barring those whose financial situations are very dire the rest of you who didn’t donate should be ashamed.  That’s only 7/10ths of a cent per download!  This is not how the geek community lends their support.  Please don’t think everyone else is going to donate so you don’t need to.  You are everyone else!  Join together and fill their coffers so they can fill our senses with more space adventure!

To download for free, donate for a streaming link along with L5 wallpaper/screen saver or to simply donate after being blown away by the free download you watched head on over to the L5 page on Vodo.net.

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Tom Gardiner