Lost Girl – Vexed

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 Lost Girl – Episode 8 – Vexed


A very bloody and wounded Bo walks the long hall into Dyson’s lair. Though she is very hurt he refuses, he is busy (working out, boxing). She pleads and kisses his neck, Dyson quickly gives in, and the healing begins. Though afterwords, they quickly become cold with each other when Lauren happens to come up. Dyson makes clear that this was the last time. (Bo did mention that she was injured cause the person she was seeking turned out to have a few friends with him, that she was unaware of.)


Kenzi and Bo meet up, they are on their way to meet a client. Unfortunately once inside they see him hanging from a noose and presume he is dead. They approach him, when suddenly he awakens. He had a bad business arrangement go wrong, but not to worry he is a vampire. Bo brings him blood bags in exchange for information on her mother. He gives her an article on a woman associated with her mom, it was as close as he could get on the trail. The woman in the article is said to have knowledge of her mother, but she is also about to be executed for murder in the human world. Later Bo goes for a check up with Lauren, they are doing their usual flirting back and forth. Hinting that she is interested in sexual relations with Lauren, though she doesn’t seem to be catching the clues. Then Dyson comes up and there it goes, jealously from Lauren.


Thanks to the Lovely Kenzi, and sexual charms of Bo they are able to get into the prison and visit the woman from the article. The woman is Fae, Bo begins to question her, but she claims she knows nothing that they are just wasting their time. Bo thinks there is something else going on, cause Siegfread would not have lied to her, fearing her wrath. Back at Siegfreads place he is about to enjoy some yummy blood (which he microwaved?), when in comes another fae the mesmir, whom is angered that he has been sharing family business. The two argue, and clearly the other is more powerful, very much more, then Siegfread. He forces Siegfreads hand into the garbage disposal, with no remorse at all. Thus he kills poor Siegfried, which then has Dyson on the crime scene. Bo shows up and he quickly pulls her aside, Dyson agrees to give her one last favor. Realizing she is not going to give up on this since it involves information on her mother. Dyson gives her copies of Lou Ann’s files and Siegfreads autopsy files. He also lets her know that Lou Ann is dark Fae. In the files it shows that Lou Ann drowned her step kids, then set the house on fire to cover it up. Siegfreads heart was cut out while he was still alive. Bo feels this is defiantly Fae, there was no defensive wounds and no sedative, certainly a powerful Fae. With these results Bo goes back to see Lou Ann in the prison, she tries to find out details. Lou Ann says she ignored the rules, by falling in love with a human, though they didn’t know what she was, she tried to cut herself off from her clan but she didn’t do a good enough job. They killed her family as a punishment. Bo tells Lou Ann that she has a friend and can get an audience with the Ash to help her out. Lauren of course is her contact and she gets her a meeting. Before the Ash, Bo pleads for Lou Ann. Though he says he will not interfer since it is not his clan, and it could start a war. The Ash states that Bo toys with elements that she knows nothing about, she says so does he. Lauren is upset about how Bo spoke to the Ash and is worried for her.


Seeking help elsewhere, Bo visits a Dark Fae contact, he advises to let it go. They made an example of her, and that is it. Nothing will be done, they don’t want to risk exposing themselves. But he will help her find out who put her in and warns Bo to be careful. Back at Bo’s place Kenzi saves the world from robot hookers on her video game console, and Bo takes a bath after a hard day. Unknowing to them both though another has entered the home. Bo is surprised and held underwater, then the fight gets nasty. Kenzi hearing the noise runs upstairs with sword in hand to help. The distraction is just what Bo needs, and as Kenzi said they get fried bitch. Dyson comes over to let Bo know that it was not a sanctioned hit on her. An pleads that she needs to pick a side to get some protection. He offers Bo to stay with him, but she says she needed his help tonight not his pity.


Next day Bo goes to Trick for some advice, and to find out what a morragh is that tried to kill her was. He offers her his assistance. In his back room, Trick shows her what she is looking for a book on all the different Fae. Trick explains that most Fae feed on humans in one way or another. Bo feeds on sexual chi, others may feed on blood, energy, emotion. The Morragh feeds on rage, and apparently Bo has angered someone. Trick has offered to help Bo, he gives her a siracon, from the old times, hurts all Fae and protects the bearer from all corruption, made of unicorn horn.


Lauren gets information from the Ash that a favorite of the dark Fae, Vex is the one responsible. He convinces Lauren, that he (the Ash) is going to talk to the Dark Fae and see if he can get Vex hide out of the way. So Lauren needs to use her connection with Bo to keep her distracted. So acting on the Ash’s orders Lauren goes over to Bo’s place, where she seduces her. An Bo is successful, she didn’t harm Lauren during sex! Afterwords Bo is ready to leave to get back on the trail, when Lauren is very persistent on having her stay. Bo realizes that this was just a diversion, she was just used by Lauren for the Ash. A very angry Bo storms out, and Lauren gives up the name. Bo is through playing nice, and done with Lauren.


With new information as to where to find Vex, Bo gears up and goes to his place. Bo confronts a unremorsful Vex about his actions concerning Lou Ann and Siegfread. The battle begins between them, Vex uses his abilities to hold her back, when she pulls out her siracon weapon from Trick and charges at Vex. He halts her by saying he has information on Bo’s mother. When in comes Dyson, whom was made aware by Lauren, to put a stop to things. Dyson chases Vex off, putting an end to the face off. Bo is angered by Dyson’s interruption, though he pleads for her to give it up, no one knows about her mother. Bo insists there is someone out there that does, and she is going to find out.Interestingly, Trick has gone to the execution of Lou Ann as an observer. Pronounced dead, she is taken to the morgue. There suddenly we see her sit up gasping for air, in walks Trick. Whom simply says, we need to talk.


Well….this was a great episode lots going on. Dyson cuts Bo off, but when she needs help clearly he still cares, he just won’t admit it. I really wish he would, I think they make a great couple. Lauren on the other hand, gave audiences the must desired sexual encounter between her and Bo. Though her reason for doing so did have good intentions, she was clearly a pawn here of the Ash. One would think that living in the Fae world Lauren would have beware of such deceptions and manipulations, though clearly she was taken in by the Ash. Which in the end has cost her Bo’s trust and love. The question is in time will Bo and Lauren perhaps kiss and makeup? Or with Lauren out of the way, is this Dyson’s chance to get back with Bo? Then we have Trick just what is he up to with Lou Ann? Clearly, he knows more then he is telling Bo, my hope is that it all comes out soon. An on the fun side we finally got to see the much talked about and loved character of Vex, the mesmir! What a neat character, I really liked this new addition to the reoccurring cast lineup. What did you think of Vex?

Elizabeth Murray