Neil deGrasse Tyson, Dreams and NASA’s Budget

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One of the greatest traits of the human race is our ability to dream and then act on those dreams.  Everyone, no matter who they are or what their lot in life may be, has dreams, aspirations, hopes.  That is what brought us down from the trees, out of the caves and ultimately into space.

Of those dreamers, genre fans have had a hand in some of the greatest advances in science.  Just talk to anyone with a career in science and you’ll almost always find yourself speaking with a fan of science fiction.  Unfortunately, you’ll also likely be speaking with someone whose funding is far less than it should be.

It’s a sad fact of life, but science just doesn’t get the budget or sometimes even the respect it deserves.  I don’t think there is a more cruel way to crush the dreams of those who can see the way to a brighter future than to squander the resources they need to create that future.  When that happens, we all suffer.

The reason I’m telling you something you probably already know is because I’ve just watched a video that consists of audio clips of Neil deGrasse Tyson speaking about NASA, the “space race,” and just how pitifully small the budget for the world’s premiere space agency really is.  In snippets that are both inspiring and frustrating, Dr. Tyson explains why we went from a rapid advance in manned space exploration to what often seems like a stalled space program.  Entitled “We Stopped Dreaming,” the video runs just over five minutes in length and is worth every single second of your time.

You’re visiting this site and reading this because you dream of what’s “out there.”  You dream of what tomorrow could bring through scientific advances and exploration.  Well, so do the scientists who devote their lives to doing research with so little money it should make you cry.

Science fiction gives us dreams, science makes those dreams come true.

Tom Gardiner