Prometheus Full Trailer Preview, Weyland Speaks At TED2023

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“Prometheus,” the “Is it or isn’t it a prequel to Alien?” film is still somewhat distant on the movie horizon, but a bit of new information is popping up.  Apparently, this will not be a direct prequel to “Alien,” but rather a story that takes place in the same universe and deals with some of the same elements as the “Alien” franchise.  If you’re confused as to how that’s not a prequel you’re not alone.  It’s clearer if you think of it as a foundation story for the “Alien” universe instead.

While the idea of a trailer for a trailer still seems a bit silly, I think in this case it’s easily excused.  With anticipation for this movie building every day and Ridley Scott behind it I’ll take any news, any way, any time.  So in the spirit of any news we can get, here is the all-too-short preview for the full trailer which will make its debut on Saturday, March 17.


If you’re anything like me your heart is probably beating a tad faster right now and you’re instinctively reaching for your wallet to buy those tickets, but alas, we’ll have to wait until June 8 to get our fix.

Just to mess with our heads and amp up our excitement even more, there is a very interesting speech over at TED.  It’s none other than Peter Weyland giving a talk at TED2023 (Yes, 2023) and it’s not your father’s TED talk, that’s for sure. Enjoy!

Tom Gardiner