Rewind – Syfy Greenlights 2-Hour Time Travel Pilot

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A brief press release from Syfy tells of a 2-hour action/thriller pilot set to begin production in April 2012 and starring Shane McRae.  There currently isn’t a lot of information about this show and McRae is the only cast member identified thus far, but the news is yet another exciting turn for Syfy.

The show centers around a team of military operatives and civilian scientists using untested technology to travel back in time.  They do so in order to avoid present-day disaster by altering past events.    McRae will be playing Henry Knox, an ex-Special Forces member now working for the Department of Homeland Security.  The pilot will focus on the team hoping to change the future after a nuclear bomb destroys New York city.

The premise sounds a lot like “7 Days,” a series on the now-defunct UPN that was about a team of scientists and a former military man using alien technology which allowed travel back in time exactly seven days.  I’m sure there will be new twists added to this show and, frankly, I’m just happy that the network is making a real effort to put the “scifi” back in Syfy.

The pilot was written by Justin Marks, who will share executive producer credits with Tom Spezialy, Gail Berman, Lloyd Braun, and Gene Stein.  It will be directed by Jack Bender and jointly produced by BermanBraun and Universal Cable Productions.

Tom Gardiner