The Doctor’s Next Companion Is Revealed

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“Doctor Who” producer Steven Moffat has announced that actress Jenna-Louise Coleman will be stepping into the TARDIS when Karen Gillan departs during the next series.    Beating out hundreds of hopefuls, the relative newcomer is reported to be able to “out talk” even Matt Smith’s rapid-fire dialogue.  This should provide a lot of humor during their interactions as Smith is quite adept at speed talking.  Having someone who can top that will be fun to see.

Born in Blackpool, Jenna-Louise Coleman is probably best known to British fans for her role as Jasmine Thomas in “Emmerdale.”  Moviegoers around the globe got a very brief glimpse of her in “Captain America: The First Avenger,” in which she played Connie, one of the girls who go on a double date with Bucky and Steve.  Naturally, she’ll soon be a household name worldwide when she becomes the Doctor’s companion heading into the much-anticipated 50th anniversary of the show.





So far, no information has been released about her character’s name, who she will be, how the Doctor meets her or even where he eventually runs into her.  All that has been said is they will meet in a “dramatic turn of events.”  So I guess that means we’ll have to wait until the episode airs or more information is provided.

Filming for series seven of the show began last month in Wales.  It will consist of 14 episodes and that count includes the annual Christmas Special.  Of those 14 episodes, only 6 will air in 2012, including the Christmas Special while the other 8 will air next year.  The new companion will first be seen at Christmas, however it is not known if she will become a regular at that point or be reintroduced in a later episode.

You can read more about this at BBC News.

Tom Gardiner