95ers: ECHOES

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95ers:ECHOES takes place on the east coast of the United States on Interstate 95, “a Band-Aid in timespace keeping the universe from tearing itself apart,” and follows a young woman as she attempts to discover the mystery behind her husband’s disappearance and her own powers while being hunted by agents from the future.

Special Agent Sally Biggs isn’t your typical FBI agent. She’s a perfect marksman, a code-breaker and has the ability to travel back in time by nine seconds whenever she wants. Her life begins to unravel when her husband mysteriously disappears. Hunted by agents from the future, Sally searches for the answer to her husband’s disappearance and learn the secret to her own powers while entering a battlefield unlike any she has seen before.

95ers: ECHOES is another amazing indie film demonstrating what a little ambition and talent can accomplish despite the lack of a Hollywood budget. Tom and Alesandra Durham, along with a slew of friends and family, credit cards and a second mortgage, put this film together over the past five years in their basement. During the course of filming, they had two children and even ran out of funds. Following a successful Kickstarter campaign, they were able to finish their film, which has been making its rounds to film festivals this year and is on its way to market in Hong Kong.

Check out the following trailer:


After watching this trailer for the first time, I was beyond impressed. It’s inspiring to see what a husband and wife from Utah could accomplish with an awesome idea, great support, a lot of hard work and even more perseverance. Based on this trailer alone, 95ers:ECHOES looks like it’s going to be an awesome film to see and I personally can’t wait for it to come my way. Even better, this is the first installment of five intended 95ers films.

Here’s hoping the movie is as successful as it has the potential to be so that these talented people can create more time-travelling tales from I-95.

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Carrie Hildebrand