Animated Short “D” Brings Murderous Fountain Pen To Life

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In the quirky little short simply named D, a homicidal fountain pen has his point aimed squarely at a tiny dot labeled with the letter d.  The setting is at night in what seems to be a spooky library or reading room.  Naturally, there’s a thunderstorm outside and poor little d is frightened by the inclement weather.

Not bothering anyone and only wishing the storm would subside, d suddenly finds himself being pursued by a malevolent fountain pen.  As d runs for his life through the book in which he lives, many letters are disturbed and much ink is spilled.

There are pursuits through paragraphs!  Mayhem in margins!  Chaos amidst kerning!  Worry amongst words!

WARNING: Contains graphic scenes of fresh ink.  Not for the faint of font.

“D” – animated short film from Closed Eye Visuals | DP on Vimeo.

Tom Gardiner