BOOK REVIEW: CHOSEN – The Guardians Of The Word

To begin my coverage of Scifi & Fantasy themed books here on Three If By Space I thought I’d offer a review of a book that has elements of both genres. CHOSEN by Jolea M Harrison is the first novel in a series of eight collectively called The Guardians Of The Word.

Chosen begins with the birth of Dynan and Dain Telaerin. The twin princes of Cobalt who must fulfil an ancient prophecy to save not only their world but every world in the known universe – and they don’t even know it!

Soon after their 16th birthday Dynan is sent to hell to locate and retrieve the lost soul of his ancestor and the originator of the Telaerin line in order to prevent the demon lord from consuming everything. He must battle his way through hell fighting off wraiths and his own fears while trying to discover the truth to everything, and he has to do it without much help from anyone else.

As Dynan fights his way through hell his father and his other ‘allies’ face their own dangers – Assassins, political coups and the mystery of a centuries old legend that may hold the key to everything. I say ‘allies’ because as you read this book you may be lured into thinking the good guys and the bad guys are clearly defined. That’s how well the book is written you just can’t tell. I’ve read it and the available sequels a number of times and I’m still not completely sure.

As I said there are elements of both genres here. You get lasers and swords, horses and space shuttles, telepathy, astral travel. The elements are weaved together masterfully so that you can easily imagine the world the story takes place in and it’s characters which are rich in personality and detail can easily come to life in your head as you read. You can see Dynan trudging through hell and you can see Dain fighting in the real world to save his twin. And without spoiling it for you the ending while seeming tame compared to the rest of the story sets up the characters and you as the reader for what has already proven to be an epic adventure that is yet to be concluded.

The story has action, adventure, love, death, loyalty, and betrayal. There are people struggling with their own identities and their place in the world and whether or not those places mean they have to help save the world or help destroy it.

In short it has everything that lovers of Science Fiction and Fantasy novels could possibly want. Even if you don’t normally enjoy novels in these genres I am certain you will enjoy this one

Some novels once you’ve read them you don’t want to read them again for a while if ever but this is not one of those novels. If you read it you will enjoy it and you will want to read it again. And just as a personal challenge I dare you to try to sort the characters into lists – Good guys and bad guys and see if that holds true once you read the sequels.

The Kindle (e-Book) version of CHOSEN is forever free on Amazon:

The paperback version is also available on Amazon:

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