BOOK REVIEW: MYTH – Guardians Of The Word

Dynan and Dain Telaerin find themselves faced with more danger than ever before in MYTH, Book 2 of The Guardians Of The Word by Jolea M Harrison.

Before the events of CHOSEN have even been fully resolved both boys find themselves facing assassination attempts and power struggles that come both from inside and outside the royal family. When their father forces them to accept a strange yet familiar woman as their teacher confusion and questions reign – Who is she? Why does Dynan know her but not remember her or how important she is? Why is Dain not telling him everything he knows? Does he even know anything at all?

Under her tutelage both boys develop and enhance their own telepathic abilities to levels they’ve never known but a hotly contested issue has arisen between the once inseparable twins and it threatens to tear them apart forever.

While dealing with the strange and uncomfortable feelings that this issue presents they find themselves on a different path and must face the possibility that the rift between them may never heal.

Their personal problems could not come at a worse time, wrapped in their own conflict both are distracted and oblivious to what’s going on around them. Their father’s grip on the throne and Dynan’s place in line for it is in question like never before, people plot from all sides and for different reasons – some good, some evil and some could be either.

An unfathomable loss sets in motion a chain of events that sees the twin princes having to thwart attacks and attempted invasions from rival systems while still struggling to repair their fractured relationship and it brings shocking revelations about who they can and cannot trust.

One final devastating raid on the royal palace leaves Dynan and Dain struggling to come to terms with a new reality, one in which they must either flee everything they’ve ever known or stay and risk certain death at the hands of an enemy who is shrouded in secrecy and mystique.

Just like CHOSEN, the first book in this wonderful series, the writing is purely magnificent. I honesty cannot think of another way to describe it, you could be forgiven for assuming this was written by a fulltime professional author not someone writing in her spare time from a 200 year old farmhouse.

The characters are vibrant and intriguing, the world created for this series while being highly fantastic is entirely believable because of the mastery of words demonstrated by the author. The scenery is vivid and the battle sequences (Of which there are many) get your adrenalin racing and leave you in awe. You can genuinely see yourself racing through the royal palace with the heroes dodging laser blasts and sword blades; you feel the hurt and betrayal that the characters experience. You can see and feel the conflicting emotions that drive the characters. It’s easy to understand and relate to what they feel.

Sure maybe you don’t know what it’s like to have people plotting to take your throne or what it feels like to be engaged in a life or death battle with laser weapons and space ships but who amongst you can honestly say they’ve never had issues with friends and family? And those issues tie in to all the other stuff so it is all connected – If you can understand 1 thing then you can understand or at least easily imagine the rest.

It is easy to tell stories in the SciFi and Fantasy genres and engage readers purely with all the ‘bells and whistles’ but it is not so easy to mix those ‘bells and whistles’ with genuine human emotion and experiences and not make it seem corny. Well Jolea accomplishes that here in a way that you will appreciate.

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