Falling Skies: Battle of Fitchburg #2 & New Season 2 Photos

In 1 week, the next 10 pages of the new Falling Skies comic The Battle of Fitchburg will be released. Dark Horse Comics has given us a small preview of what you will see in the next installment.

Uncle Scott and many others fight for their lives as Anne and Lourdes look on helplessly. None of them is aware of what the patrol team has uncovered and the peril they are really in.

I love the artwork done by Juan Ferreyra on this new cover. Its a very bleak view of the world right now and kids. Not sure if this was meant to be done this way or not, but the way the kids are walking: head down, hair blowing, you for a moment think you are seeing kids with skitter faces and human bodies walking in file. Is it just me or did you see that too?

In issue #1 we learned about an impending attack by the aliens as they push forward hard against the 2nd mass resistance. Dai rushes back to the camp, injured, to inform Weaver of the incoming alien army. Hal and Ben are both actively being lookouts for patrols and Hal is taking on more of a leadership role since his fathers disappearance. Ben wanted a more active role in helping fight back and his strength is proving to be valuable but in the immediate time after Tom boarding the ship Ben is still unable to fire on the aliens without hesitation. Is it because he is unsure of himself or is he being influenced by the aliens. Remember Ben commented in season 1 that the skitters weren’t all that bad, they were like family.

When asked to prepare for a fight, Weaver asks for volunteers and Ben raises his hand but is shot down by Weaver saying he is too young. I question that, because Jimmy is younger then Ben and he is active in the 2nd mass. I think Weaver in some ways not only wants to protect Ben and Matt for Toms sake, but also doesn’t fully trust Ben yet.

On top of this new look at issue #2 we have several new photos from season 2 that will peak your interest. Check it out below. The new ‘harness up’ poster is the first time we have seen Falling Skies use the original concept drawing done by Rob McCallum directly. We previously interviewed Rob about his design and have exclusive photos from his drawing pad.

Be sure to checkout Dark Horse Comics Digital May 2nd and FallingSkies.com short after for the next issue of this Falling Skies Comic.

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