Falling Skies Emerald City Comic Con Panel

Just recently Season 2 Executive Producer/Writer Remi Aubuchon and cast members Drew Roy and Colin Cunningham visited the Emerald City Comic Con for a panel and viewing of a new 3min clip from the premiere episode of season 2. During the panel they discussed auditioning for the role and how each one of them took a different approach to their roles. Some of the more juicy information they talked about what the kids are turning into, more action for season 2 and Hal and Ben butting heads.


The question has remained about what they want the kids for and what will happen with Ben. What we know is really what we already knew from season 1. No they are not turning into 6-legged aliens, but they are changing. The skitters are a 6-legged creature from another planet and the harness process changed their exo-skeleton to a more solider friendly material. Ben and the other harnessed kids are changing too and beyond being soldiers for the aliens, what is the game plan? They already took over earth so why do they still need the kids?

With Tom gone, Hal and Ben, both of which have independent streaks butt heads as Hal tries to not only protect Ben from those within the camp who don’t want him there but also figure out what is happening to Ben. Ben isn’t talking to Hal and that concerns Hal. We will get much more action as the clip from season 2 shows and the 2nd mass is fighting back. What will Toms state of mind be when he returns?

The biggest question for Hal is how he can help his brothers and protect them. Remi teases that the camp isnt too thrilled with Ben  being around, especially with all the changes he is going through, Pope least of all. We were also told just recently that Tom and Ben will have a connection to a new alien that we have yet to have seen. Just how far does this change progress for Ben we don’t know. But Ben has already disobeyed an order from Weaver to stop firing and Hal to retreat. How long before it costs someone dearly? And when it does, Ben may go over the deep end emotionally. He has very few supporters outside his family and Anne. In a lot of ways, the aliens have much more control over Ben then he is willing to accept, according to Remi, and that leaves one to think he may betray the 2nd mass, even if not of his own volition.

Dispite all of this, we learn that Hal still loves his brother dearly but is also curious as to what is happening and without Ben opening up more to Hal about what he is going through, Hal is left on the outside walking on eggshells as he tries to help Ben and protect Matt.

Here are 6 videos from that panel and a second look at the first 3 min of season 2.

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