Iron Sky

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Have you ever wondered what happened to all the Nazis? Well, Iron Sky has the answer: The Dark Side of the Moon!

During the past 70 years, a secret Nazi base that evaded destruction in World War II has been building an enormous fortress with a massive armada…on the Dark Side of the Moon. In 2018, the Moon Führer mistakes an American astronaut landing on the moon as a scout for American forces and decides the time has come to seek revenge on Earth.  Soon the Moon Nazi armada darkens the skies of unsuspecting Earth and “every man, woman and nation alike must re-evaluate their priorities.”

Here’s a teaser:


When I first read about Iron Sky, I thought it sounded interesting though a little risky with the use of Nazis. But after watching the trailer, I am looking forward to seeing this one. There are a lot of dark sci-fi movies out there, but this one is set apart with its comedic twist.

What’s even more interesting about Iron Sky is the production teams’ use of social media to collaborate with their fans for the creation as well as the publicity of the film.  During creation of Iron Sky, filmmakers used to give tasks to their followers such as naming a character or building a 3D model of a ship and also received some funding for their project from the Iron Sky’s community.

After production was complete, Iron Sky filmmakers have involved the fans in publicizing the film with a variety of techniques besides social media alone. One way fans have helped spread the word is through a system called “Demand to See Iron Sky” by entering their information at, filmmakers can reach their fans in certain cities or geographical areas. The Iron Sky community has also taken part in creating movie merchandise by downloading a “Design Kit” and creating their own suggestions for Iron Sky merchandise, which also helps to fund future projects.

Though this indie film has had a larger budget (7.5 million euros) than a lot of other indie films out there, it looks to be well done and like something I would definitely like to see.

Here are some links for more information and/or to offer your support:

Twitter: @energia, @energia/ironsky (tweets from the team), @ironskyfilm

Carrie Hildebrand