Lost Girl I Fought The Fae (And The Fae Won)

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Lost Girl – Season Two Episode Two – I Fought The Fae (And The Fae Won)

The lovely and fabulous Kenzi prepares for the worse concerning Bo’s feelings. Though she soon finds it is not necessary. Bo considers Dyson and her torn apart not broken up. Dyson only gave up what he did cause he really loves her, her. She is not willing to give that up, Bo is determined to get him back and fall in love all over again.

Back in the Fae world, back at the Dal an emissary from the old country enters. He is the Black Thorn, bringing news from the council that the Ash is going to be replaced. The selection process has now begun. Choosing a new local leader is a big thing, feast, gala and stag hunt. Bo decides much to Kenzi’s dismay that they are not going to participate in the activities.

Back at their place the two banter over the succession gala. Only to soon realize that they have an escaped light fae prisoner in their home. The prisoner is the Stag, the light fae need to hunt a worthy prey. The crime which she was punished for was loving a dark fae. They were young and naive, thinking love really would conquer all, that was eighty-three years ago. Sabine and Hamish planned to runaway together, though they could have gone on in secret for years. A situation that could not be helped (Hamish’s arranged marriage) was forcing their actions now. On the night they were to meet, Sabine was instead confronted my light fae. She fought back and even injured one of them, was taken to the catacombs where she would then stay till now. Sabine has come to Bo seeking her help, all she wants is to know that Hamish is well and to see him one last time. No sooner then she gets done telling her story then men from the Black Thorn and Dyson come in. They are there to take Sabine away, Dyson steps in and sets the guards at ease to protect Bo, whom was ready for a fight. Bo promises to help Sabine, and Dyson takes her peacefully with them. Before Dyson goes Bo attempts to talk about all the big stuff he has sprung on her. He promises that they will just not now, and then he leaves.

Later on Bo goes over to the Ash’s compound to discuss the taking of Sabine. The Black Thorn is so excited to be meeting Bo. While he has her fitted for an evening gown, he discusses how all the light fae things that are going on are working. The most interesting is that the stag volunteers. Bo informs the Black Thorn that she is going to attempt to fulfill Sabine’s last request, he seems to have no problems with this. Before Bo’s departing, the Black Thorn gives her a dress to where to the gala tomorrow. A personal guest of his, and tells her she should also bring her barkeep friend cause he seems like fun.

The fantastic duo of Bo and Kenzi go look up Hamish. Only to find that he is not interested in seeing Sabine. He says she has had 83 years to get over it, and then turns himself invisible, slamming the door on them. Bo decides since Hamish has reacted this way, she is going to save Sabine’s life and just not get caught doing it.

To the Dal, Bo goes to get information from Trick on just how the process of electing a new Ash works. Bo with Tricks help devises a plan to save Sabine. To do so they enlist the help of Hale that unbeknown to them is from a Noble family, so he can run for Ash. Hale agrees to assist them of course. The first step is to keep Hale in the running at the first event! The first event, the hopefuls must get enough votes to get to the next round. They can accomplish this by any means necessary, short of murder! Hale uses his soothing siren abilities on a few. Bo goes around the room and uses her powers to incapacitate others. There is one though the green armband, that she is unable to use her powers on though. Another hopeful attempts to pike Hales drink, but Dyson comes to the rescue in time. Bo goes over to visit Sabine and informs her that Hamish did not want to come. But she is going to help her survive the hunt. At the end of their conversation, there is a disturbance though no one can see the fae causing it. Bo track the fae down, to find Hamish in the other room. Bo discovers that it was Hamish’s family that tipped off the light fae about the two of them. Hamish is willing to give up, but Bo tells him that if he really loved her he would fight for her.

By the end of the evening there are only three hopefuls left. Them being Hale, the green armband man, and another a female fae. They are armed with bows and arrows, advised they cannot use their talents. The Stag is in the woods and to make her way to the bell, if she rings it she is free. They must stop her before she reaches it, the one who does will be the next Ash. The hunt begins with a horn call, and off they go. Sabine is running through the woods with the others after her. After making a turn she encounters the female hunter, she uses her quills to get rid of her. Dyson appears and tells Sabine he is there to help her. Bo and Kenzi are nearby the bell also, that Dyson has helped Sabine get to. He tells her to run and not to stop. Sabine runs for the bell, only the others did not see green armband man, he shoots and hits her, Sabine falls to the ground. Though none could see the invisible man try to grab her out of harms way. Dyson confirms that Sabine is dead, and asks if the fallen be left to them. The Black Thorn agrees that is fine with him. For they have themselves a new Ash to crown. It is the green armband man, whom seems to not be keen on the unaligned Bo, and makes it very clear. Once they have all gone, Dyson calls the all clear. Lauren comes out of the woods, and Hamish visible. Lauren pulls out a huge needle stabbing her in the heart to revive her. The wound is not serious and going to heal just fine. The two lovers united at last after eighty-three years of waiting. They are now free to runaway together at last.

Its the weekend now and time for that meeting between Bo and Dyson for that talk. Bo starts off and lays it all out there, baring her feels. She wants to have a fresh start with Dyson. He however is not wanting to hear any of this. Bo tells Dyson that the Norn made him stop feeling for her, but didn’t stop Bo and she wants to try again, try to get back what the Norn took away. After a passionate kiss, Dyson exclaims that he doesn’t want to. Bo tells him that she can make him love her, but she doesn’t want to do it that way. Dyson growls, apologies that hurting her is the last thing he wanted to do. That Bo needs to move on cause he already has. Dyson then leaves, Bo is left alone, upset and her heart torn apart.

The Black Thorn and Trick have an after hours chat. The Black Thorn was happy to get an inside look at Bo. He finds it interesting that she was able to find a loop hole and save Sabine. Trick asks him just how after being imprisoned for eighty-three years the girl even knew about Bo. The Black Thorn says that he may have had something said to her in passing about Bo, and enabling her escape. Trick then says he finds it surprising that he has come all this way just for these things. The Black Thorn says that there are rumors going around that Trick may not just be a simple barkeep after all, that he may indeed be the Blood King. Trick tells him that those are the things of fairy tales, but if it were true that he has no intentions towards power. As long as there are no more attempts to locate Aiofe. Trick says he would find his retirement more becoming if he little request was meet. The Black Thorn says it has been a pleasure and thus leaves.

Over a tub of ice cream Bo tells Kenzi what happened between her and Dyson. Kenzi tries to comfort Bo in her great Kenzi way. You wouldn’t like it sometimes, but that girl has some good advice to give. Bo is still upset though, she is a succubus and can’t make this one man love her. Bo decides that she is going to lie and tell him that she is alright with being friends, even though she is not.

Another Monday, another great episode of Lost Girl on SyFy’s Powerful Mondays! Can’t wait for the next episode. Here’s a sneak peek at it! Don’t forget to check out the gallery of pics also below!

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