Space Milkshake

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Space Milkshake – SciFi Comedy — We’re Ducked 

Get ready for some Space Milkshake, We’re Ducked! You may say what? Huh? Don’t worry you won’t want to miss this one. Space Milkshake is about a crew of four that become trapped on a space ship. Not just any, but a rundown sanitation vessel. After salvaging some wreckage the trouble ensues! A rubber ducky suddenly morphs to life turning into a monster. This maniacal ducky then tires to kill everyone! Get ready for a rock n roll good time of laughs and scifi. With an all star cast to boot! Billy Boyd plays the ships Captain. With a crew consisting of Amanda Tapping, Robin Dunne, and Kristin Kreuk! Written and Directed by Armen Evrensel.
Space Milkshake with be a full length feature film. While an official release date has not come yet, it is rumored to be released sometime mid to late 2012. Filming has been finished, and it is now in post production. Have a taste with this teaser trailer and pictures posted below. Updates to follow as they come!

Space Milkshake: We’re Ducked! Are you ready for it!?

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