TiBS Promotional Shirt Designs and Fundraising Efforts

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As many of you know, we are a volunteer run site. We are fans of the science fiction and fantasy genre and love to share our ideas, likes and stories with other fans. As much enjoyment as we get from that, running a site does have its costs not just in time but also operating costs like web hosting and marketing. We recently started a project on kickstarter with the hopes that we can raise enough money for us to cover hosting and marketing for our upcoming trips to Comic Con and Dragon Con. We wish we could cover those trip expenses too but alas that would be far too much. What are we looking for? A small goal of $750 to fund our hosting until the end of the year, marketing material for giveaways and contests at Comic Con and Dragon Con and to pay the artists who helped design our shirts. A link to the project is listed below, even $1 will help. Those who donate more will get cool perks for helping out.

We recently hired an artist out of Miami, InkOne who has done some crazy cool shirt designs in the past and he made us an exclusive TiBS staff shirt that we wanted to share with everyone. You will only find it on TiBS staffers at either Comic Con or Dragon Con but dont worry. We will have some other shirt designs to share with you. Checkout the shirt design by InkOne.

What kind of shirts could you get helping our kickstarter project? Here are 2 samples for our upcoming shirt designs we plan on doing for giveaways and contests for all our fans done by our very own talented artist Carrie. We hope you can help us out.

Robert Prentice