All New Look at Falling Skies Season 2


In the midst of all the comics, podcasts and new photos Access Hollywood has an exclusive new 2 minute look at season 2 with some very awesome new clips and scenes with Ben, Tom, the aliens and so much more. Checkout the latest video and don’t miss the release of the Falling Skies Comic #2 on Dark Horse May 2nd.

The visual effects are notched up a lot in season 2 as you can see and the action and secrets are even more compelling. We see Bens story take front stage with a lot of anger there. We see the trust in Tom all but gone. The aliens have a clear agenda for Ben and Tom was nothing more then a way for them to keep tabs on the 2nd mass and Ben. You get to see Bens back and what is happening to the spikes, something we saw in Vancouver but couldn’t share. Now you have seen it. What do you think?

The ships and upclose of the aliens are hollywood movie quality. All the new looks at the aliens and the quality of the fx i am seeing has me so thrilled for season 2. How about you?


Source: Access Hollywood

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