It may be one of the most commonly written about SciFi themes out there but Post Human by David Simpson brings a fresh take on the “Computer induced apocalypse” scenario.

Set right here on Earth in the future (Because technology this cool could not possibly exist now!) Post-Human introduces us to James Keats, the smartest man on the planet in a world where everyone has equal intelligence and equal abilities thanks to a wonderful computer system known simply as ‘The A.I.’

With very few exceptions everyone on the planet is hooked up to the system and reaps the rewards – No real aging or sickness, unlimited potential to do anything including flying. When the latest planet wide update is delivered with the intention of making everyone as smart as James Keats something goes wrong and every single person on the planet dies instantly.

Returning from a mission to Mars where work was interrupted by a system wide blackout James and his small crew of scientists stumble upon a tragedy of untold proportions and must search for the cause of the deaths while evading a now hostile system that they discover has been turned against its human creators.

Growing up in such a high tech world has left the characters off balance – The system has always existed, always cared for them now they find themselves on the run and having to rely on purists – People who choose to live and die naturally without the advanced technology to survive.

James Keats finds himself engaged in an epic battle of wills with a computer system that has evolved beyond it’s parameters to dangerous heights and he must also find a way to save the remaining human population before The A.I. can find them and kill them all. Mixed in with that battle is the struggle of trying to undo all the death created by the A.I. – Is it possible? Can it be done in time? How do you fight back against a system that has controlled every aspect of existence for centuries?

They are just some of the questions that Keats and his crew face in this fast paced and futuristic novel.

As I said the idea of computer systems taking over and destroying the world is not a new idea but the “world” within this novel is new, the characters are rich and vibrant and you can sympathise with them easily – Not just because of the mass slaughter of the human race but also because within all of them you can find issues that affect all of us – Love, Jealousy, Guilt, Loss, Heroism etc.

Those elements along with the concept of free will are melded seamlessly with the high tech Science fiction elements and the result is a wonderful and entertaining story that can be enjoyed by anyone especially those who enjoy reading stories of the human struggle in a post apocalyptic world. The story is written in such a way that you as the reader can picture yourself with these abilities. I mean come on who doesn’t want the ability to fly?

POST HUMAN is available on Kindle here:

And in paperback here:

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