Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Nine #9 – Sneak Review

** The following review while careful not to reveal any actual spoilers from this issue, it does tease the reader with hints as well as spoilers from issues past. Please feel free to purchase this issue  on 05/09/2012 **


This issue is very much an Andrew issue so Andrew fans will be pleased. Also, Buffy makes an irritable assessment about the psychology behind Andrew’s little body swap plan and where it stems from. This was only a quick sentence but it provided some interesting thoughts for me into what might in fact be going on in Andrew’s head. Also, if that really is the underlying issue, I wonder if it might lead to Andrew making other plans in the future.

Psychology is a heavy underlying theme this issue on all fronts. Even as Xander, Dawn, and Dowling are running around town fighting the Zompires, Xander calls on his own memories as a Sunnydale youth to help Dowling cope with the situation at hand.

Conversely, Buffy is still dealing with what seems to be her biggest battle this season, her struggle for normalcy. You can tell this issue is very painful for her.

It is also clearly very hard on Spike, who is obviously dealing with his own continuing inner struggle on his relationship with Buffy.

Even more unfortunately for Spike, there’s a moment. See you all back here for my sneak review of Angel & Faith #10! –N


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