Dark Horse Comics: Powered by Creators Panel – ECCC 2012

So as many of you all know Cousin Matt and I road-tripped it up to Seattle for Emerald City Comic Con just to cover Dark Horse Comics. (And while we were there I also dropped in to cover and speak on our Womanthology panel.) Great times were had and I recorded an amazing panel showcasing some awesome upcoming releases from Dark Horse Comics but sadly I was detained from posting them, until now.


In the four parts below you will watch Dark Horse’s Director of Media and Public Relations, Jeremy Atkins moderate Brian Wood on The Massive, Michael Avon Oeming on The Victories, Jeff Parker and Erika Moen on Bucko, Paul Tobin on Colder, Francesco Francavilla on Black Beetle, Adam Warren on Empowered, and Ethan Nicolle on Axe Cop.



As always I spent some time with my Dark Horse friends both before and after the panel. It was nice to finally meet Brian Wood in person and we had some fun laughs with Jeremy over my special and not quite definable relationship with Dark Horse. (On my twitter I list them as the Batman to my Vicki Vale, that’s close enough.)


Didn’t get a chance to greet Francesco beforehand but he noticed me mid-panel and I caught up with him and Paul afterward. I mentioned how I loved that he brought his sketchpad everywhere and he and Paul showed me some playful sketches they’d made of each other during the panel.


Well, that about sums it up. Really looking forward to The Victories, and Colder definitely sounds interesting. Thanks again to Dark Horse for the awesome time and killer freebies at your killer booth. – N

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