Dimensions: A Line, A Loop, A Tangle of Threads

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Dimensions follows a brilliant young boy in England after he meets a professor with theories of time travel and determines to turn them into reality.

In 1920s England, Stephen’s life changes after attending a garden party and meeting a captivating professor who shows him and his friends what life would be like as one or two-dimensional beings. The professor explains that with the manipulation of other dimensions it would be possible to travel through time. As Stephen continues through life he becomes dedicated to making the theories of time travel into reality.

Let’s face it, it was only a matter of time before I found a movie about time travel.

Dimensions was created by Sloane U’Ren and Ant Neely, two creative and talented individuals with a lot of “other people’s projects” under their belts. Following Neely’s mother’s death, he determined to live his life as fully as possible, and after years of contemplation finally decided to undertake this project with U’Ren. After four weeks of production and selling their house to help fund the film, the end result looks pretty interesting. I personally look forward to the day when I’ll be able to watch this one!

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Carrie Hildebrand