Grimm Review – Happily Ever Aftermath

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A young businessman, Arthur, suddenly loses all his money after investing in a Ponzi scheme. Desperate, he goes to his wife’s stepmother for money – but she refuses him. The next morning, the stepmother ends up dead after apparently having been killed by some kind of supersonic sound that blew out her eyes, ears and other organs. It turns out that all of the stepmother’s money has been left to her two daughters and none to her stepdaughter Lucinda – and one of the daughters is killed next, in the same manner as her mother. Lucinda’s godfather, Spencer, a bat-like Wesen called a Murcielago, is arrested, but once he gets Nick alone (after messing with Hank by telling him the manner in which the women were actually killed, making Hank think he’s a nutjob), he tells Nick that he’s not the killer – Lucinda (also a Murcielago) is. Spencer escapes from holding at the police station, Lucinda tries to kill the final stepsister, and a combination of Spencer and a Grimm device found in Aunt Marie’s trailer take down Lucinda – who in turn kills Spencer as she lays dying.













Additionally in this episode, Nick has a nightmare about his parents’ car crash and some of the men he’s recently come up against who may have been involved. Juliette offers to look into it further for him and tracks down the detective who worked on the case. Nick and the detective talk and it turns out that there were four suspects he had without enough proof to make an arrest – and Nick has recently seen three of the four and knows that they’re now dead Wesens. But the fourth man is a mystery.













This week’s episode was not as intense as the previous few weeks, despite the hope I had for the Grimm spin on Cinderella. It was a good episode – just a bit of a letdown after the others that were more full of great storylines and movement on the various plot arcs. That said, the best parts of the episode were when Nick and Monroe were in Aunt Marie’s trailer – Monroe’s continued excitement over all the devices that can kill Wesen is both adorable and puzzling, and once again, Silas Weir Mitchell gets the best line in the episode: “God! There is some amazing stuff in this trailer. Do you have this place insured?” Something that puzzles me – why is Juliette the one researching Nick’s parents’ deaths? Nick’s a police detective – he could find this stuff out in about 10 minutes! Sure, it gives Juliette something to do, but it doesn’t make much sense. That said, it’ll be interesting to see what, if anything, Nick finds about the fourth man. Another puzzle – what is the deal with Nick and Juliette’s relationship? Is she just going to hang on and hope he finally decides to open up to her again? Or was him telling her about the nightmare supposed to be a step in the right direction? With only two episodes left, it doesn’t seem likely that there will be any major movement there this season. We also didn’t see anything really happen with Captain Renard, the royal families or the reapers this episode, so here’s hoping there are some developments coming in the next two weeks. But apparently next week, Hank is going to see something he shouldn’t, and let me be the first to say… FINALLY.















Vicki Dolenga