Joel Goldsmith, Composer for Stargate Series, Crosses Over at Age of 54

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Joel Goldsmith

I usually try to keep my sci-fi news upbeat, but this is sad news.

Joel Goldsmith, has passed at the age of 54. His work covered a wide variety of movies, TV series, and even video games. Amongst his work are all of the Stargate TV series, from SG-1 all the way up through SGU. He was also the composer of the theme to Sanctuary. Like many composers, his work was well known, but his name may not be.

You can peruse his IMDb Profile if you would like to see his full body of work, but in the meanwhile, you should take a few moments to listen to this amazing musical suite from Stargate Atlantis.

Like all great composers, his music will forever live on!

Robert Prentice