Lost Girl – BrotherFae Of The Wolves

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Lost Girl – BrotherFae Of The Wolves

Bo and Kenzi have a case, they need Dyson’s sniffer though to help out. He agrees and tells them that the blood on the shirt in their case is cow blood. Dyson then sensing something in the ally nearby turns to check it out. Wolf senses and eye engage as another male jumps on his, the two of them wrestle about a bit. Bo grabs a nearby water hose, and hoses the pair off. They quickly stop, Dyson says to relax it is an old pack-mate of his! Off to the Dal they go to catch up. But after three walk bys all Kenzi can find out is that his name is Cayden and is an old pack-mate of Dyson’s from the old country. Dyson and Cayden are loud and wildly reminiscing. Bo is surprised by such manly and crazy behavior. Bo asked Trick about this new but old best friend of Dyson. He says that they both once ran together with a pack of shifters, they go way back a few hundred years.

Flashback (told by Trick): Dyson and Cayden for a hundred years belonged to a pack of wolves a group of mercenary warriors that were bound to a Fae King. They were feared all over. Dyson unlike the lone wolf he is today, was indeed a pack wolf at one time. Most pack wolfs serve their King until his death, which Cayden did. Though Dyson severed his ties with the King long ago.

Cayden fills Dyson in on what he has been up to these last few hundred years. But now with the King dead Cayden says he is freelance. He is looking to make a lot of money since what he made with the King he wasted it away. Dyson asks about Ciara, who Cayden says committed suicide after the King died. Hearing this Dyson says that was not like Ciara at all, she wouldn’t have done that. Cayden says he is just being biased as always when it came to Ciara.

Flashback: To the times of old. We find out that Ciara is the wife of Dyson’s best mate, who is like a brother to him. He gets a summons to the King, and off he goes. You can tell here that Dyson is sweet on Ciara.

Back at the Dal, Bo gets a call from a upset Lauren who is at their house. Kenzi and Bo rush over there to see whats going on. Apparently Lachlan has ordered that starting tomorrow all humans are to be locked in their living quarters unless they are working. Lauren panicked once she heard and ran strait to Bo. Bo tells Lauren to think of her home as a safe haven, and not to worry she is going to take care of it.

Back to Dyson, he is questioning Cayden as to why is he there. He reveals that he has traveled this far, for a powerful weapon that was stolen. It supposedly came in on the docks which happens to be dark fae territory. Dyson can’t help, but he tells Cayden he knows someone who can. Off they go to Bo’s place very drunk. They calm down and let Bo know that they are looking for a Mongolian Death Worm. Lauren has heard about this creature, very rare and dangerous. It produces an electrical force that liquifies just about everything. Fae criminals have got to be after it, and have it on the Fae black market. They are sure that an arms dealer they have been watching down on the docks will have it or know where it is. They need Bo to go down and find out some information.

Down to the docks Bo goes where she meets with the arms dealer. Dyson waiting in the car with Cayden is worried about Bo. Cayden reminds him of a time long ago when he was worried for a friend also. Flashback: Dyson is trying to talk his friend out of a mission the King has sent him on. Dying for the King is a great honor, though Dyson still doesn’t want him to go. He fears losing his best friend, that he holds dear like a brother. Nothing Dyson says will change his mind from going on this mission that will lead to his death. Then Dyson thinks of one thing that might changes his friends mind. He runs off and goes before the Norn. Dyson asks that she intervene and save Stephan’s life, which is the most difficult to grant. The Norn asks Dyson to pay a high price, the price is his wolf. This price is to high to pay for Dyson, the wolf is all that he is. So there is no deal made this day with the Norn.

Turns out Dyson was right to worry, the arms dealer has set a trap for Bo. Cayden not caring that there are rules, goes into dark fae territory anyways. Good thing he did to, the arms dealer was going to kill Bo. Cayden jumps in and saves her, Bo grabs a ledger that might help them find out details the dealer wouldn’t share. They leave the warehouse, will Bo ‘s hand seriously wounded. Dyson is concerned for her, but Bo reminds him that he is not the only wolf in town. And boy does she take advantage of that, clearly Cayden is very tasty Bo gets a full heal with him! While downstairs Lauren is baking, Dyson and Kenzi go over the weapons dealers laptop. A bit of an awkward situation to say the least, but Bo did have to heal. Kenzi’s hacker buddies have entered the dealers laptop. They found that the death worm is going to be auctioned off tonight. There is a small group of invitees, Bo and Kenzi plan to poss as two bad ass sisters from Romania. Dyson and Cayden will be the muscle and man candy for them.

It works, Bo and Kenzi make great sisters, and stroll around with hunky guards (Dyson & Hale). Cayden is covering the back for them. The Mongolian Death Worm is revealed, it is Velma an old woman. She is 3,000 years old and who’s destructive powers can out match any human made missile. While the auctioneer is working on selling Velma, the arms dealer shows up and makes himself known to Bo. Velma’s activation key is her mobile TV, if you take it away she becomes enraged. If you hold the TV you also control Velma, she will do what you want to get her TV back. He provided a demonstration of this, TV was taken away from Velma. Then when asked Velma disintegrated a military vehicle instantly. He gave her back the TV and Velma deactivated. The bidding now starts, with Bo winning the Death Worm for $155 million dollars. Now the plan is to get out without paying and taking the death worm. Bo and Dyson go back to get her, they begin to take the goons out. Suddenly Cayden comes in and grabs Velma’s TV from the Auctioneer. Seems the two of them know each other. They stole the weapon together and were going to sell it together, only the auctioneer decided he was going to sell it himself, leaving Cayden out of the deal. Dyson is extremely upset to hear that Cayden played him and Bo. Cayden gets rid of the other guy and leaves at gun point with Velma.

They all despair that they were fooled by Cayden at the Dal. They are brainstorming on how to find him. Bo then realizes Cayden must have made a deal with Cumberbatch the arms dealer. Turns out Bo was correct the pair did make a deal. They find them together with Cayden getting paid off in lots of diamonds. Dyson leaps out and fights Cayden, he must pay for his betrayal. While they are fitting Cumberbatch tries to take out Bo and Hale. But he is no match for Hales siren skills. Velma on the other hand is getting enraged that she doesn’t have her TV, which no one can spot where it is right now. Velma starts attacking objects, Dyson points out where the TV is and Bo gives it to her. With Velma calmed down, Hale keeps an eye on her. Dyson and Bo go after Cayden who is bleeding and run off. Dyson begins to track him down, while doing so he Flash’s back again.

Flashback: His friend Stephan was killed just like Dyson predicted he would. Stephan’s last words are for Dyson to take care of Ciara. Dyson takes Stephan’s body back to be buried and tell Ciara. Only he finds that the King came for her, the King plans to claim Ciara as his Queen in the morning. Dyson is enraged that the King had Stephan killed so he could claim Ciara. Dyson wants to go kill the King for doing this, but the others are standing in his way. They serve the King and no one else, Dyson will not fight his brothers, but will also not serve the King anymore.

Dyson has tracked the scent of Cayden, it has lead to a van located nearby. Cayden is in the front seat bleeding out. Cayden and Dyson make peace with each other over everything. Before he dies he reveals he was going to make someone love him, that is would have worked out. Hearing a thud in the back of the van Bo checks it out and quickly calls Dyson over. In the back tied up is Ciara, they untie her, Dyson is thrilled she is alive and there. He goes to check back on Cayden only to find he is gone, they decide to just let him go. Dyson and Ciara hug again being glad to be in each others life again.

Velma is taken before the Ash Lachlan by Bo. She wants the Ash to take Velma in and properly take care of her. Bo wants Velma to be treated with kindness and respect by Lachlan. Hearing that is will make Bo very happy he says he will do his very best to take care of Velma. Bo thanks the Ash and then leaves. Before she does Lachlan asks how Lauren is doing. Bo says I don’t know, haven’t talked to her in days. Lachlan responds with oh of course you haven’t.

Ciara is taken by Dyson to his place. Where he plans on taking care of her like he used to take care of him. They embrace together and kiss, but Dyson says he can’t do it. But Ciara tells him he can’t betray a ghost. They embrace again. Back at Bo’s place Lauren finally agrees to let Bo take care of her.

Well, that was a lot going on in this episode. Going to be interesting to see how this all plays out. Dyson with Ciara, will it last? Or will his feelings for Bo come back? Meanwhile, Bo and Lauren this could be just what they need to get closer to each other. But is the Ash going to get in the way? So many questions, so many ideas of what could happen! So excited for SyFy’s Powerful Mondays to see what happens next. Here is a sneak peek for the next episode, where we see the return of Vex and the Morrigan!

Elizabeth Murray