Lost Girl – It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away

Lost Girl – It’s Better to Burn Out Than Fae Away

With Lauren staying over at Bo’s, she and Kenzi are enjoying the fun chitchat between the three of them. Well at least Bo is, Kenzi is about to gag. Kenzi is concerned about them keeping a fae fugitive (Lauren) in their home. Bo says she is going to figure something out, she just hasn’t yet.

In a dark alley somewhere in town, a dark fae elder comes across a street artist. But more is going on this artist is painting one of Vex’s secrets on the wall. The elder confronts the young man as to why is he painting his friend. But instead of explaining, he pulls out a shot gun, and eliminates the elder. Next morning guess who pops into to see the Morrigan? Vex of course, he wants to know why one of her street artists are painting him. Especially since he is seen in the pick killing someone ordered by her. Vex is also displeased about the elder that was killed he was a favorite of his, one that had been around for many thousands of years. Vex is certain that is was Jason her favorite street artist. He wants this stopped, even though the Morrigan is not worried about it. He reminds her that he has a human reputation to uphold and this will get in the way. The Morrigan tells Vex that if there is a leak somewhere she will find it. But Vex better remember his place and back off. When he leaves the Morrigan asks her assistant Bianca if Vex is happy with his station. She remarks that he could move up in the world, perhaps even try for the Morrigans station. Hearing this the Morrigan tells her she needs Bianca to go fetch something for her.

Which brings us to Bo’s place, where they are all enjoying a fun TV show. There is a knock at the door, Bo goes to answer. Guess who, it’s the Morrigan’s assistant Bianca. Bo agrees to meet with the Morrigan, so off she goes. The Morrigan is just finishing up a meeting where Bianca returns just in time. We see her use her talent, she can control a humans inter-motivations. The Morrigan is strait to business, one of her human painters has gone missing after painting sensitive material. She tells Bo she wants her to find Jason cause there is a leak in her camp. Also she doesn’t want a dark fae going after him, cause she wants him to remain alive. She has fallen in love with Jason, and wants no harm to come to him. After hearing this Bo agrees to find him and bring him to the Morrigan.

First place Bo goes is to the Dal, to see Trick. He has some useful information for her of course. He says that the Morrigan is basically an evil muse. A Leanan Sidhe fae, they inspire artists and then feed off their genius, but it eventually drives them mad. Trick warns them to be careful.

They go to the scene of the crime, and find the artwork has been painted over. Bo wishes she knew who the other painters tags were, she is hoping one of them will lead her to Jason. Kenzi however does know who one of them is. It was a guy named Tryst that she as one time knew. Luckily she knew right where to find him. She takes Bo to him, and he knows Jason. They used to work together before he got involved with the Morrigan. Tryst says all the sudden he started acting all weird. So they have determined Jason has defiantly gone crazy due to the Morrigan. A bit later Tryst calls Kenzi’s phone to let he know he ran into Jason. Jason was not to happy to see him when Tryst tried to talk with him. But at least Tryst was able to see where Jason was headed. Bo and Kenzi rush there right away to try and catch Jason. When they get over there they finally find Jason, who tries to fire on them right away. Geez all they said was hello. Jason heads down the ally, when he rounds the corner, Vex is there to stop him. He uses his abilities to stop him, only to be quickly interrupted by Bo. Jason runs off, so Vex grabs Bo instead. Kenzi acts quickly pulling a blade to a sensitive spot, thus getting him to back off Bo. With her released Vex says lets have a chat shall we?

To the Dal they go for that little chat. Bo informs Vex that she is working on the Morrigan’s behalf to bring Jason in. Vex says that he wants to find out just how Jason knew sensitive dark fae information. He let’s Bo know that the Morrigan is not his biggest fan, because he is more popular with the elders. She is just devious enough to cause this whole thing to bring him down. Vex offers them a deal, if they bring him Jason first to question him. Then he will make sure a very large some of money makes its way into their very tight pants! Bo is not about to hand of Jason for Vex to kill however. But Vex says he is not going to kill him, he is only going to question him, then will hand him back over to Bo, so she can give him to the Morrigan.

Kenzi goes home while Bo goes to chat with the Morrigan. Once home Kenzi tells Lauren that she needs to back off Bo and not break heart again. Otherwise she is going to get rid of Lauren permanently. Lauren says Kenzi is being selfish for trying to be the only human in Bo’s life. At that moment there is a loud knock at the door. Lauren runs to hide in the other room, Kenzi gets the door. It is none other then the Ash and his goons. He is here to inform Lauren that she has 24 hours to return to him or he little research project is going dark. Lauren says she will be there, the Ash leaves.

After hearing from Kenzi what went on at their house Bo decides she is done with the Morrigan. She informs her that this job is more then she bargained for, she is done with the politics of the dark fae. Bo has more important things going on at home to deal with. The Morrigan says she is unaware of any politics, but she accepts her resigning. But should she choose to stay and finish the job, she will give her the key to solving Lauren’s problem with the Ash. With this offer Bo can’t refuse it, she is keeping the job for Lauren’s sake.

When Bo gives Lauren this information she is not as exited as Bo. Lauren says she is still going to go back to the Ash tomorrow. She made me gone for good. This brings the two of them closer and closer, and they end the night together in the arms of each other and passion.

Next morning, Bo is ready to solve this case, she is meeting Hale at the Dal for some assistance. Kenzi is to come also, though she has a huge hangover. At the Dal Kenzi is loading her pancakes with syrup to help get rid of her headache. Upon seeing this Hale offers her his services. He whistles Kenzi a sweet siren song taking away her massive headache. She is now headache/hangover free. Bo inquires about Dyson and Ciara, Hale says they are doing well. Moving on she asks for his cop help, how does one find someone who doesn’t want to be found. Hale says what they need is the eye, and he will arrange it. A bit later Hale has brought him and he agrees to help. Though Hale warns them he is very odd, he snoops for his own kicks and no where close to legal. Dyson and him use the eye for help every now and then so they cut him some slack. Bo and Kenzi go over and meet the Eye who indeed is an odd one. They show him the picture of Jason, the Eye works his magic and is able to find Jason. Before he will show where Jason is though he wants payment. In the form of a kiss from Kenzi, she unwillingly agrees. After a quick peck on the lips from Kenzi, he gives them the location.

They get near his location, but he surprises them from behind with a shotgun. They try to talk him down, letting him know that Evony, the Morrigan has sent them to help him. Jason says there is a beginning, a middle and a end and he has to get it all out. He has to finish and can’t go back yet. Suddenly he is overwhelmed, dropping to the ground with a seizure. They take him to Evony, who he is happy to see him. Bo wants Evony to let Jason go, only to find out that she was not in love with him. The Morrigan has just said that so she could get her hands on Jason, to figure out how Vex put him up to all this. Bo is upset to hear this of course. Then Evony gives Bo her payment the key to saving Nadia. Bo is confused her deal was to save Lauren, not Nadia. But the Morrigan says if she is going to save Lauren, she must first save Nadia, she is the key. Evony then informs Bo who Nadia is, she is Lauren’s girlfriend.

Bo as you can imagine is very displeased right now. So when she gets home and finds Vex at her door. She is in no mood for it. Vex is there cause he is mad that Bo took Jason to the Morrigan first. Bo dismisses him right away. She storms in looking for Lauren, whom has already left. Kenzi has something for Bo though. Seems that the paintings were meant to be one large painting together. As it looks there is a behind the scenes puppet master trying to get the Morrigan to kill Vex, or visa verse. Creating a power struggle, so that the puppet master can come out on top. After going over all the information Bo comes to a conclusion on who is behind it.

Across town we find Bianca the Morrigan’s assistant plotting some more. She is trying to get one of Vex’s associate’s if you will to kill him. She is resistant to it, it’s not what she does. She does use whips, handcuffs and make people scream but never to kill. Vex is a good client she doesn’t want to lose him. But Bianca persuades her into wanting, desiring to kill Vex. Now that she has her convinced, Bianca gives her a special weapon to use. It just so happens to be the small sword the Morrigan is holding in the paintings. Over to Vex’s house she goes, for their regular night of fun! Vex thinks it is all their regular fun and games, so willingly goes along with it. She restrains him where he can’t get free, and goes for the sword. With Vex’s hands tied he can’t use his powers to stop her, he is helpless. Just in time Bo and Kenzi burst in. Bo fights with the human woman, while Kenzi goes to get Vex’s hands free. This human woman is strong, she has almost choked Bo, luckily Vex is able to stop her. Bo lets Vex in on all that she has found out. They quickly go over to confront the puppeteer. Bianca is confronted with all this, how she could have started a war. She doesn’t deny it, it wanted to see the Morrigan suffer for what she had done. Seeing she has failed, and thus Bianca kills herself. Vex and Evony are unaffected by this death, which appalls Bo.

It’s been a long long, crazy, and sad day. Bo is upset about all the Lauren stuff. She knows she wants to still save her from the Ash. But should she be mad at her, does she have the right to even. Kenzi being a great friend says that Bo should at least give her the chance to explain things.

Lauren meanwhile is seeing her Nadia again at the Ash’s complex. Nadia is in a stasis chamber/pod. Who knows how long or for what reasons she is there? Is Nadia fae or human? So many questions this brings up. Yet again Bo is also left alone, all of her lovers turn sour.

Next Monday there is a Lost Girl break due to the holiday. Lost Girl will return back to SyFy Powerful Mondays on June 4th @ 10pm. Here is a sneak peek of what is to come! Fae Gone Wild: Bo and Kenzi investigate a strip club where dancers are all Fae. Lauren begins to tell Bo the truth about Nadia.

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