Lost Girl – Mirror Mirror

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Lost Girl – Mirror Mirror – Season 2, Episode 4

Night out at the Dal, Bo and Kenzi discuss Dyson and his flirtations with other women. Bo says she can handle it, though clearly not. Seeing Dyson with other woman is hurting Bo inside. Kenzi has a great idea though, put a curse on him with the right spell. But which one, they both playfully talk about it. Then Kenzi says she knows just the one, invoke Baba Yaga on Dyson. Baba Yaga helps young Slavic girls take revenge on men who have wronged them. Bo says no to the curses and goes off to bed. Kenzi on the other hand soon decides this is something she is going to do. She wanders over to the mirror on the wall and recites to Baba Yaga asking that she make Dyson understand what it feels like to be hated and rejected. Kenzi doesn’t think the curse took affect at all. However, Baba Yaga only grants pleas when there’s an intense emotional connection between the wounded party and her target. An that is just what she has done in this case.

Next morning Bo wakes up to find a shattered mirror, Kenzi claims to have no idea what happened to it. While Bo has an itchy mark that seems to be burned right into the skin of her backside. They head over to the Dal and have Trick take a look. He says it is the marking of Baba Yaga, and she has marked Bo as her own. Meanwhile Dyson is experiencing verbal and physical hate from every female he is coming across. Frustrated he goes with Hale over to the Dal for a drink, even there they are after him. Both human and fae females are laying the hate on thick to Dyson he just can’t get away from it. Bo is trying to figure out why Kenzi has got Baba Yaga after her when she admits it was not meant for Bo but for Dyson. Kenzi wanted Dyson to be cursed for what he has done to Bo. Come to find out Dyson also has been marked by Baba Yaga. Both Bo and Dyson have been cursed my Kenzi, and claimed by Baba Yaga. Kenzi pleads with Trick for him to help her get the curse removed. Though he says there is nothing he can do since Baba Yaga dwells in her own realm.

Kenzi feels horrible about what has happened, so she is determined to fix it. She goes and visits her Aunt she hopes to enlist to help with the situation. Kenzi’s Aunt is a fortune teller and woman of many skills. They tell her they need help in reversing a Baba Yaga curse, which she laughs off as not being real. Bo enlightens her on what else is supposed to not exist but does, then shows her the marking. Kenzi’s Aunt now admits that she does know in theory how to summon Baba Yaga. They go forward with the summoning. Kenzi is totally freaking out about the summoning, she is scared of Baba Yaga. Her Aunt is successful and Baba Yaga comes forth via the mirror. Bo pleads with Baba Yaga to remove the affliction, but she wants Bo. Suddenly Bo is being dragged towards to mirror, Kenzi steps in and says take me instead. Baba Yaga eagerly takes Kenzi sucking her into the mirror. Kenzi awakens on a bones and skull piled floor, in a different realm. There are others girls trapped there also, others Baba Yaga has taken throughout time. They tell Kenzi there is no way out, they just need to do their chores and see to the feast.

On the other side of the mirror Bo is seeking to find away to get to Baba Yaga’s realm to get Kenzi back. Trick suggests going to the Ash and asking for assistance getting to Baba Yaga’s realm. Dyson has agreed to help Bo get Kenzi back also. Bo and Dyson go before Lachlan to plead for assistance on getting into Baba Yaga’s realm. He is unwilling to assist in this, Bo pushes further forgetting irritated with Lachlan. Finally Bo offers to take Lachlan up on his offer to freelance for the Light Fae as long as he helps her get Kenzi back alive. He agrees to this, and gets her what she needs. Apparently there are only two ways into Baba Yaga’s realm via mirror and via water. Lachlan has ordered Chloe a Water Nymph to assist them. Chloe is the local keeper of all water portals, she is going to open one of these for Bo to use.

Back in Baba Yaga’s realm Kenzi is unhappily helping the other girls get the feast ready. They explain that they have been there for a long time, and it never gets better. A few have come to be there in exchange for the curse they had asked for to be removed. Baba Yaga removed the curse but at a price of their servitude. They prepare the feast for Baba Yaga, while they themselves eat only slop. Baba Yaga is not present at this time, they say she walks the underworld making sure souls of the dead are not reborn. Kenzi wants to try and escape before she comes back, the others discourage her of this. Kenzi can’t seem to find a way out either. While looking around she does notices an area the other girls say is off limits. Of course she goes to take a look and discovers a Domovoi. The Domovoi is chained up guarding Baba Yaga’s precious chest. Kenzi hastily gets away from it, and wanders what is in that chest.

Soon Baba Yaga returns for the feast with her girls. She comes in and makes her way around the table, each girl is to pick a marble out of the bag. Whom ever picks the black marble leaves, only the exit is into a lite oven. Fortunately for Kenzi she did not pick the back marble, another girl is not so lucky. Baba Yaga is very pleased and eats her meal with glee, and taunts her Domovoi with food but giving him none. When it is time to clean up Kenzi takes this chance to use a frying pan and smack Baba Yaga on the head. She tries to flee out the door, it bites her and doesn’t let her go anywhere. Baba Yaga is angered grabbing Kenzi by the hair, dragging her off for punishment. Kenzi talks fast and convinces Baba Yaga that she is one of the best animal trainers around. She can train the Domovoi for Baba Yaga, she agrees, Kenzi has two hours to train him. Kenzi says she needs a few items though, Baba Yaga is off to acquire these random rare items Kenzi quickly came up with. She has bought herself a little more time. While Baba Yaga is gone, Kenzi gives the Domovoi some food. With him out of the way she quickly gets into the chest and finds a hand mirror. Kenzi tries to get it to work to get her home, but she can’t she doesn’t know how to make it out.

In Bo’s realm the Water Nymph has finally come to assist her. She is reluctant to do so, but Bo has orders from the Ash, so she then helps. They three of them go to a more private portal to make the crossing. To Bo’s place they go, they fill her tub with water for the portal, and ice to lower the heart rate. Bo will have to be unconscious to enter the realm. Dyson has agreed to hold Bo under, he is the one that she trusts to do it, the water has to fill Bo’s lungs. The portal works and Bo has crossed over into Baba Yaga’s realm. Kenzi is so happy to see her, now they have to get out together.

Just then Baba Yaga returns home. Bo tires to fight her and fails (she is powerless in that realm) and is thrust back through the portal. Bo tells Dyson and Chloe to send her back through the portal, they reluctantly do so. Bo back in Baba Yaga’s realm tries again to help Kenzi pulling a knife out. Kenzi shows Baba Yaga that she has the hand mirror. At the sight of someone having this mirror Baba Yaga is now more then willing to make a deal for Bo and Kenzi to leave in order to get the mirror back. She explains that all you need to do is look in the mirror and picture home. Kenzi though wants all the girls to be free, Baba Yaga’s says they can’t they are all from different times. This does not sit well with Kenzi, she smashes the mirror breaking it into a few pieces. She runs to each girl giving them each a piece and tells them to think of home. Each of them does and they each disappear back to their homes, Baba Yaga is screaming with displeasure over this. Only now there are no more pieces of the mirror left for Kenzi, but she is not leaving without Bo. Angered Baba Yaga hits Bo knocking her out. On the other side Bo is dying, the Nymph wants to pull her out, but Dyson wants to give her the chance she needs. With Bo knocked out in Baba Yaga’s realm, she goes after Kenzi for what she has done. Eventually Dyson has to pull Bo out and try to revive her. Baba Yaga taunts Kenzi about when she was a young girl and how she used to watch her, while Kenzi was so afraid of her. She is trying to back Kenzi into the oven, she fights back. At the same time the Domovoi seeing this also is trying to free himself to help Kenzi since she showed him kindness. He gets free charges at Baba Yaga, Kenzi quickly moves out of the way as the two fall into the blazing oven. With speed she closes the oven doors so they cannot get out. Relieved and with Baba Yaga’s power fading Kenzi, pops up through the portal and into Bo’s tub. She see’s Dyson trying to revive Bo, who Chloe explains would not leave her behind. As Dyson is trying to revive Bo suddenly her powers kick in and she begins to suck chi from Dyson bringing herself back. They are pleased both Bo and Kenzi are safe and alive.

In the end Dyson is glad to be free of the curse. Kenzi and Bo are glad to be safe and alive. They talk about things over drinks again, but this time no curses just promises. Kenzi wants Bo not to give up on herself, to fight for Dyson, to fight for Lauren, to fight for what makes her happy!

Oh Kenzi who doesn’t love her character? She gets the best lines and is always doing the unpredictable! Really enjoy Kenzi as a part of the Lost Girl family, in so many ways she just makes the show! Whats your favorite Kenzi moment and/or line!?


Make sure to tune in again next week for SyFy’s Powerful Monday’s for another great episode. Here is a sneak peek for next weeks episode, ‘Brotherfae Of the Wolves”.

Elizabeth Murray