Preview Falling Skies: Battle of Fitchburg #4

In last weeks chapter Hal and his team barely make it out and return with heavy losses. Weaver is at his wits end trying to figure a way out of this battle that is sure to be coming. Weaver does the one thing he knows he will regret later. Weaver sends Rick and Ben out to try and determine how many there are and where they are coming from. The question remains whether they will all survive or not. Jimmy followed them, lending to another life put in danger. This week the tension is high on the eve of battle.

With skitters and mechs literally at 2nd Mass’s back door, Weaver does something drastic. He gives Pope the green light. With a ragtag team, Pope starts his offense to give the 2nd Mass the time and the munitions they need, but whether it will be successful is anyone’s guess.

Stay tuned tomorrow for issue #4 which will be released on and Also tune in June 17th at 9pm EST on TNT for season 2 of Falling Skies.

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