Indie Game Dev Issues Call to Action to Help Those Affected by Colorado Fires

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On June 26th, a massive wildfire broke out in Colorado. Quickly dubbed the Waldo Canyon Fire, to date it has destroyed nearly 350 homes, displaced over 32,000 people, and decimated over 18,500 acres of land. The damage is already well above $3 million.

Dave Calabrese, founder and CEO of Colorado-based Indie Game company, Cerulean Games, decided he couldn’t stand idly by and has made moves to help those affected by the fires. He has started fundraiser for support and relief efforts called BlazeJam 2012.

I’ll let some of the text from the site speak for itself:

The game jam, titled BlazeJam 2012, will kick off the morning of July 7th and will continue through the night of Sunday, July 8th. Funds will be raised through accepting donations along with auctions of game related items, and 100% of the money donated during the jam will be given to charities and relief organizations involved in helping with the Colorado wildfires. Everyone who donates will receive a free copy of all games produced during the game jam.

But they’re not just looking for donations. They’re looking for jammers, too. Coders, artists, musicians, PR folk… Anyone who is involved in the game business, regardless of capacity. No matter what you do, they want you to jam along!

In short: Calling all gamers and devs — WE NEED YOU.

To find out more and sign up, head to the BlazeJam website and follow them on Twitter for updates at @BlazeJam