Falling Skies: Battle of Fitchburg #6 Preview

By: Robert Prentice
dark horse comics Falling Skies

The season premiere has already aired and we have seen where the 2nd mass is right now. The question that still lingers is how they got there. There are still so many unanswered questions about what happen at Fitchburg. We last left the 2nd mass with Ben, Rick and Jimmy out on patrol looking for the skitters and the 2nd mass is getting pinned into building after a bomb is dropped without any place to go but directly into the line of fire. Rick, Jimmy and Jamil fear they are all dead, but Ben refuses to believe it.

Anthony catches up with Pope’s ragtag group, only to find a graveyard . . . of skitters. When cop and convict meet, it’s a brawl, but interruptions and the ensuing fight clear the way. The “Berserkers” are born, and with their weapons cache there may be a new hope for the 2nd Mass—if they can make it back to Fitchburg.

The final issue comes out June 20th, this wednesday.

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