Falling Skies Season 2 – New Behind The Scenes Videos


Season 2 is just 1 week away and the mystery behind the aliens will start to get more complex and more dangerous as the 2nd mass fights back against their invaders. Season 1 answered some important questions but also left us with plenty more. The most basic question after season one is who can you trust?

In our recent interviews with cast, everyone commented on the fact that Ben is not the same in season 2. In our recent talk with Maxim Knight (Matt Mason) he told us that Ben is stronger, faster and very angry. In this clip Connor Jessup discusses Bens stark changes from happy zombie like teen into a full fledged fighting machine.

Season 2 promises to change everything we thought we knew about the aliens. The first 4 episodes alone will make you want to scream, cheer, cry and scare you. Don’t miss the new season starting June 17th at 9pm EST on TNT.

Robert Prentice