Prometheus Lands This Friday

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When Alien first hit the screens it was something science fiction fans would soon come to consider an instant classic.  It had everything a great film should have and more.  There was a great plot, incredible special effects that still hold up well to this day, and unsurpassed talent on both sides of the camera.  This was confirmed by both the numerous awards the film garnered and the number of tickets sold.

That success spawned a number of novels, video games, comic books, toys, and several follow-up films.  It also launched Sigourney Weaver’s acting career by providing her with her first leading role as a smart, tough woman who could hold her own against the universe’s worst.  While the sequels and prequels that followed the original gave us more of everyone’s favorite xenomorph, there were really no answers to the whole origin mystery.

We were given almost no information about the alien spacecraft where all those face hugger eggs were found, who or what the “space jockey” was, or why it ended up crashed on a desolate planet with a ton of those infamous eggs.  For 33 years we waited (im)patiently for answers and we did a lot of speculating, but now it finally looks like the answers will be given to us on a grand scale befitting the greatness of the film that started it all.

In celebration of Prometheus‘ US release this Friday, June 8 we’re packing all the trailers for the film into this post.  Consider it a little something to whet your appetite yet again, or a tease to make you crazy for Friday to finally get here, or both.  However you look at it, just watch these trailers again and share our excitement for one of the most anticipated films to hit the screens in years.

Ladies, gentlemen & cultured xenomorphs, I present to you a host of Prometheus trailers & videos for your perusal, enjoyment and approval!


Prometheus International Launch Trailer


Prometheus International Trailer (UK)


Prometheus Official Full Trailer


Prometheus IMAX Teaser Trailer


Prometheus First Teaser Trailer


Peter Weyland’s 2023 TED Talk


Introducing the David 8 – The Next Generation Weyland Robot


Prometheus – 30 Years in the Making


Prometheus – Quiet Eye (Dr. Elizabeth Shaw video to Peter Weyland)


Prometheus World Premiere in London

Official Prometheus website

Prometheus Facebook page

Tom Gardiner