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Review Falling Skies – Episode 4 Young Bloods


A lot of people were upset after Jimmys death and it left many to wonder just who else could be killed. The feeling is that nobody is safe and they are right. In a world where aliens have taken over, nobody is safe anymore. Young Bloods begins a rapid ramp up in the mystery and suspense of the series.

Young Bloods is very much about the children and the fact that dispite their age, they must grow up faster than anyone wants them too. Their eager nature to help fight will result in consequences. Some of the best performances this week come from the youngest of the cast including Maxim Knight, Matt and Connor Jessup, Drew Roy as Ben and Hal. This episode helps setup 2 key plot points and character dynamics that will shape these characters for episodes to come.

Matt just wants to be a fighter like his 2 older brothers. After having killed a skitter on the bridge, saving his father, Matt won’t give up on trying to get his father to let him help. Matts eagerness to help will put him in danger and give Tom second thoughts on just what he will allow Matt to do.

Hal and Bens relationship has been on pins and needles since Bens return. Hal notices things are not the same with Ben and tries his best to support him while also being concerned and trying to pry any information from him that he can. After Jimmys death Ben is very quiet and isolates himself from everyone else. Hal and Ben will finally come to a edge when they both discover something much bigger than they had ever imagined.

As the preview suggests we also get to dive more into Weavers past and in many ways open up a more human side of him that has been lacking. From an FX standpoint, this episode also stands out. One of my favorite scenes, which I won’t mention, has some of the best CGI of the season and some of the creepiest. Its amazing having been on the set when some of that scene were being filmed and to see it finished. There is so much work put into making it real, and they did an excellent job.

Don’t miss this Sundays episode at 9pm on TNT.

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