Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Nine #11 – Sneak Review

** The following review while careful not to reveal any actual spoilers from this issue, it does tease the reader with hints as well as spoilers from issues past. Please feel free to purchase this issue  on 07/11/2012 **


The world is moving on in Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Season Nine #11. Spike is gone, and Buffy is moving forward in her goal to embrace life after the Seed. This journey leads her to team up with Kennedy and the Slayers left behind.

I must confess I found myself a bit irked by Kennedy this issue regarding her feelings on her and her slayers being “obsolete” in the midst of a zompire epidemic.

Kennedy has never been a very popular character, I hold no interest in her to one end or the other but despite her crass outlook I think spending time with her and the other slayers right now will be good for Buffy no matter how it turns out. On that note, nice work on writing the conversations between her and Buffy so in character when they are so very different despite both being slayers. Conversations made even more realistic by Georges Jeanty’s pencil work.

Lots of interesting setup this issue mixed in with Buffy settling into Kennedy’s fold. The zompire issue seems to be trying to take a new direction suggesting humanity may really be able to handle all of this, as well as two exciting new demonic plots that I look forward to following.

Can Buffy sell her calling for money? Can humanity evolve beyond needing a slayer? These are the questions this issue leaves in mind as the Spike and Willow spin-offs grow ever closer. Very interested to see how it plays out. My favorite “adult” Buffy career is still her brief stint as a high school councilor. I think Buffy’s happy anywhere she can help people. Let’s just hope that Kennedy picks her clients off more than a paycheck. –N



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