Comic Con News: Connor Jessup, Drew Roy and Sarah Carter talk Falling Skies Season 2


Connor, Drew and Sarah discuss the interactions between their characters and Karen. This week we saw the return of Karen and how that effected Hal and Ben. Maggie didn’t trust Karen and she was able to take a step back and look at it from the outside and know something wasn’t right.

As mentioned in our review of last weeks episode, Karen was playing Hal but more so Ben. She was able to take down every bit of defense he had up and convince him he was no longer wanted by the 2nd mass and needed to go with her. Connor commented it is one of his favorite scenes for Maggie.

Drew and Sarah also discuss their budding relationship on screen and how Maggie is a very complex person to love. Connor tells us a bit about his relationship with Karen and how the two are connected in a way that nobody else can understand. Ben will have to make a radical choice and it will forever effect his character.

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