Comic Con News: Falling Skies Season 2 Secrets Revealed

You may not have been able to go to Comic Con or be in the panel to learn the secrets coming up for season 2, but we are hear to bring you some of those secrets and share with you all the juicy details about your favorite characters and what is coming up for season 2.

**Warning – Spoilers: Most of what we will discuss was revealed at Comic Con. If you don’t want to hear about any minor spoilers, stop reading after the Falling Skies Renewed section.**

Falling Skies Renewed

Just before the start of Comic Con it was announced that Falling Skies, #1 on basic cable on Sunday nights, was renewed for a 3rd season order of 10 episodes to air next summer. Many have asked for more episodes but I say no. Why? Of course I would love to see more Falling Skies but this is a format that is working very well for the show. Look at HBO’s Game of Thrones. It is only 10 episodes also and its going into its 3rd season with a 4th already granted. The format allows for each episode to be important and contain story points that move the story forward. It prevents it from having ‘filler’ episodes that serve no purpose to the main plot. The old saying “if its not broke don’t fix it” comes to mind.


Noah Wyle – Tom Mason

Noah spilled the beans that the hard decision that Weaver and Tom discussed regarding Ben would not have to be made by either of them. Ben will make that decision on his own, and it will be a ‘radical’ one. The season cliffhanger had to be something special to top last years ‘walk on an alien ship’ which Noah got so much slack for. He mentions that this years cliffhanger will be much crazier than last years. The writers have a knack for writing themselves into a corner and then spend the summer planning out how to get out of that corner.

Jessy Schram – Karen

Last week we saw the return of Karen and she wasn’t met with open arms by some. Ben and Maggie both knew something was up, but after the indecent with red-eye Ben has lost the trust of everyone, including Tom and Weaver. Karen manages to transfix Hal and turn him on Ben before breaking down Bens defenses and manipulating him into running away with her. All of this, while having revealed herself to Maggie and nearly killing her.

Jessy revealed that during the scene that her and Connor were standing near each other and their spikes were glowing, Greg Beeman told her to kiss Connor. The secret was that Connor didn’t know she was going to kiss him. The expression on Connors face from that scene was genuine surprise and Greg captured every moment of it on screen.

Connor Jessup – Ben Mason

Ben makes a radical decision that will forever affect his character and everyone in the 2nd mass. After everything Ben has gone through, he is betrayed by someone he thought he could trust. That betrayal leads to one of the most dire moments for Ben all season and plays a huge role in his radical decision.

The Harnessed Kids

E.P. Remi Aubuchon talked to us about what we will learn about the fate of the kids who were harnessed. Bens back should be evidence enough that the harness does a lot more than allow the kids to be controlled. It is physically and biologically changing them. Harnessed or not, their fate will be one that is both sad and shocking. Some of that ultimate fate will be revealed in the episode “Death March” in 2 weeks.

The entire fate of those kids and Ben, the motive of the aliens to harness them in the first place and their reason for being on earth remains a mystery and while some answers will come, many will be left. The truth is we still don’t know if Red-Eye was telling the truth. But as Remi put it at the panel, “If red-eye was lying, than why was she back at the 2nd mass looking for Ben?”.

More Death

George R. R. Martin said it best in his book series Game of Thrones when he said “Anyone can be killed”. Falling Skies is no exception and it shouldn’t be. In a world invaded by aliens who are taking our children and harnessing them in very cruel ways, people will die. Its a war. As we go over the mid-way point of the season having already lost Jimmy and Rick, more death is on the way. Wil Wheaton teased that one of those deaths will be a ‘fairly major character’. Who do you think is next to die in the war to end all wars?

New Alien Creature

Its creepy, in a horror alien movie kind of way, but in this weeks episode titled “Molon Labe”, we will see a new sub-species of alien weapon that will horrify you. These new aliens are small but deadly and a never ending force that multiplies rapidly.


The 2nd mass is moving towards a utopia that will allow them to join other resistance fighters and live a normal life. That is the claim of Mrs. Churchhill, but I am not the first person to yell at their TV and call out ‘ITS A TRAP’. The truth is, according to Noah, Charleston is not what it appears to be and when Terry O’Quinn arrives, the resistance is met with a new enemy they never expected.

Just what could they be planning for the finally? The infamous shot fired on a blank screen? A character sacrificing themselves for the good of the group? Red-Eye and his gang of rebels turn on all of them? We don’t know either but we can expect it to be awesome and we can expect it to be answered by season 3 which starts filming this fall.

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