Comic Con News: Merlin puts a spell on viewers for season 5

Merlin has taken the US by storm as season 5 debuts in the US this winter. This year at comic con we were able to talk with cast members Colin Morgan, Katie McGrath, and for the first time at Comic Con Angel Coulby. EP and co-creater Johnny Capps also sat down with us to discuss plans for season 5 and beyond for the series. Some of the guest stars to appear in season 5 include James Fox (Sherlock Holmes, The remains of the day) and Julian Glover (The Empire Strikes Back, Game of Thrones).

Some of the other great news to come out of Comic Con included the return of Sir Anthony Head as King Uther Pendragon. Just how he returns and why remains a closely guarded secret but we were told by Capps that Merlin and Uther have a long overdue conversation regarding Arthur. What about Morgana? At the end of last season the baby dragon Aithusa healed her and protected her, so what does that mean for her and Merlin? Well we will find out but the story will have progressed nearly 4 years between the end of season 4 and the start of season 5. During all this time, Morgana has been locked up.

Watch our videos with all 3 cast members and the E.P. of the show and get the inside scoop on what to expect from season 5. Plus some great news on the front of more Merlin beyond season 5. Coming this fall is a Facebook game based on the show which we will have more details on later.

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