Angel & Faith #13 – Sneak Review

** The following review while careful not to reveal any actual spoilers from this issue, it does tease the reader with hints as well as spoilers from issues past. Please feel free to purchase this issue  on 08/29/2012 **


First off, gorgeous dual covers from Steve Morris and Rebekah Issacs (with Dan Jackson).  Now still in Quor’toth, hi-jinx ensue as the gang attempts to rescue the disciples of Connor’s unintentional religion. As always Christos Gage manages to balance witty banter with deep character perspective and this issue is no different as each character not only finds themselves battling the creatures of Quor’toth, but what Quor’toth does to their own wills as well.

There is a particularly nice bit done with Faith and Angel in this regard, leading back to the theme of brother and sister type familiarity I relayed in previous reviews. It’s more than that though, as their relationship grows they aren’t just pseudo-siblings from different times, but slipping naturally into the role of Mentor and Mentee as time goes on and Faith opens her mind further towards growing into the redeemed person she longs to be.

I think this is a very natural state for both characters as both seemed to yearn for this sort of relationship with others in the past and now are quite naturally falling into it but with less pressure as it’s less parent and child and more brother and sister.  It’s also a relationship Angel never really got to have with any of the other women in his life and I think makes for fun exchanges.

Connor and Angel’s relationship also continues to grow this issue and I look forward to seeing where this continues to go as I always liked Connor post-altered past and see no more reason to keep him at arms length. Plus, I like his taste in strong women.

Angel & Faith #13 definitely leaves the reader aware that next issue should be very interesting on multiple fronts, and I can’t wait to read it. –N



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