‘Falling Skies’ Casts Robert Sean Leonard & Gloria Reuben

Deadline brings us more season 3 casting news for Falling Skies. Both roles provide interesting insight into just how long the 2nd mass may be staying in Charleston after their new alien friends show up.

According to Deadline, Robert Sean Leonard has signed on for a five-episode arc in season 3. He will play the role of Roger Kadar, a PhD who is obsessive but gifted and runs the power grid in Charleston. The down side is he lives with rats. In fact the kids, who love his science toys, have given him the nickname ‘The Rat King’.

Another familiar face for Noah Wyle is Gloria Reuben, who previously started with Noah on ER. Reuben will play Marina Perlata, an aide to Tom, who has been one of the leaders from the human resistance movement. She is very smart and her political knowledge and experience could be very important for Tom.

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