Falling Skies Review: Death March – The road is dark and full of terrors


The road is dark and full of terrors. Yes that is a re-take on the quote from Game of Thrones, but I think it fits the title ‘death march’. The 2nd mass is marching blinding to a promised safe zone without any decent intel.

This weeks Falling Skies was by far one of the slowest of the season. In the industry this episode would be considered the ‘budget correction’ episode. Less special effects in order to help reduce any overage from previous episodes in the season. This is an important task in order to allow for a full on finale. Most shows have this kind of episode whether its near the start of the season or the end.

Even though this was a slow episode, there were some important story reveals that will have an impact on later events both in season 2 and far beyond into season 3. Lets start with Tector. His great accuracy and knowledge of large weapons has left many of us wondering if he had a military past and Weaver slowly but surely got that information out of him.

Tector was a marine who had served 2 tours and had lost several men under his command. After the loss of Boone, he no longer things he can lead anyone and has tried his hardest to hide the fact that he is former military. Weaver convinces Tector it wasn’t his fault and that they ┬áneed men like him in Charleston.


The next thing learned from this episode is Maggies past. Its been hinted since season 1 that Maggie has a really dark past, something Pope never lets her forget. Pope eventually eggs Maggie into telling Hal about her past. She was a druggy who got sent to prison and had a child while in prison. The child was taken away from her. I felt that this story was perhaps a bit weak for Maggies dark past. After all the build up over 2 season for her story, it seems like a cop out. Perhaps we will learn there is more as we push into season 3, something that we didn’t learn already. However Maggie and Hals relationship will end up changing because of this.

The last plot point learned today was about the harnessed children. Matt became attached to one of the kids who they came upon on their way to Charleston. She was harnessed and it was clear she was changed. Her fingers were long and somewhat similar to that of the skitters and her skin was nearly hardened over like them as well. Her ‘brother’ though we couldn’t see much of him, appeared to act a bit like a monkey or ape. The sad fate of these children is a bit more clear. Their entire life and relationships are changed by the harness. The skitters to them are their ‘guardians’ while each kids in their group is like a brother or sister.


This explains a bit Bens state of mind and reasons for leaving. He knows he is a risk to the 2nd mass, but his connection with red-eye is more than just a need to protect the 2nd mass. Ben feels at home with red-eye and after he left, many are left to wonder if Ben will ever return. Bens changes havnt stopped just because the harness was removed, however they have slowed. The stark differences between Ben and Karen leave me to wonder if we won’t get a confrontation between Ben and Karen. Many feel we should see it.

At the end of this episode they find their Charleston, but what will the city hold for them once they are there? Don’t worry if you felt this episode was slow or boring, the next 2 are far from it. Be sure not to miss a single second of the final 2 episodes and prepare yourself for a ride with guest star Terry O’Quinn.

The 2nd mass arrive at Charleston and not everything is as they hoped. All of the fighting back is coming to a head as 3 sides have to make a decision on just how to move forward. In an episode that puts the season 1 finale to shame, the finale for season 2 will leave you screaming off a mountain top until June 2013 for a new season. The writers have topped themselves. Stay tuned for more greatness to come.

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