Grimm Review – The Kiss

The battle against the Mauvais Dentes, Marnassier, continues in the warehouse. Nick and his mother, Kelly, fight him together, and eventually manage to kill him – but he doesn’t reveal who sent him after Nick before he dies. They then rush to the hospital to meet Monroe and Rosalee, arriving barely in time for Nick to administer the drops to Juliette’s eyes. The medical staff are really unhappy with them, so the four leave, knowing that this won’t wake her up, but merely stop the progression of the potion Adalind had given her.












Once outside, Nick gets a call to a homicide case – and asks Monroe and Rosalee to take his mother back to his house. Nick is called to the warehouse, to investigate the deaths of the FBI agents and Marnassier. Once there, he realizes that they’ve found one of the shell casings from his gun, and that he’d never picked up the gun after dropping it during the fight. He manages to grab the gun, but not the casing. More FBI agents show up and once again take the case from Portland PD. Nick makes a quick stop to throw the gun into a harbor, then heads back to the station. Once there, he discovers that the prints of the unknown victim match those in the cargo ship, so it appears they’ve found the killer in that case. Just as Nick and Hank are about to leave, the FBI agents show up and ask Nick why one of the agents called him before she died. They then want his gun and a DNA sample. He doesn’t have a gun to give them – he’d been at the hospital with his girlfriend, so he didn’t have it on him – and he gives them the sample. He tells them he has nothing to hide… But Hank is wondering what might be going on, and talks briefly to Nick as they finally leave. He asks Nick not to hang him out to dry.












Renard calls his brother, Eric, who’s asleep in a castle, likely in France. He lets Eric know that the Mauvais Dentes has been killed by the Grimm, and Renard makes it clear that he’s not happy for the interference in his plans in Portland. Eric says much the same in return, and it doesn’t seem like either man is satisfied by the conversation.












The next day, Catherine returns to the spice shop to get the ingredient Rosalee ordered for her – and refuses to pay full price for it. Rosalee gives in, but Monroe, having heard the exchange, is very annoyed, showing a protective side. Rosalee and Monroe call Nick to let him know, and he tells Kelly that he’s going to pay Catherine a visit. Kelly suggests that she go to see Catherine instead and have a mother-to-mother talk. Nick agrees and leads the FBI tail to the police station so that Kelly can leave the house undetected.












Catherine calls Renard to pick up the potion, telling him that he has to take it, and as he’s not entirely human, being made ‘pure of heart’ will be quite the wild ride for him. As soon as he leaves, Kelly enters the house and begins demanding information about how to cure Juliette. Catherine tells her that it goes to the highest level – royalty, and that a Prince is in Portland. They then fight each other and as Catherine dies, she tells Kelly that she can’t save Juliette – ‘only he can,’ meaning the Prince. But Kelly still doesn’t know who he is.












At the police station, Nick and Hank find that the unknown killer’s prints are tied to many other murders – but the man still has no name. Then the FBI agents return and arrest Nick, taking him away to interrogate him. It seems that they found a hair at the warehouse that isn’t his – but is a close enough genetic match that it must have come from a relative, so they think he’s covering for someone. Nick tells them that it’s his mother, but they think he’s joking and ignore it. After discussing more theories, they finally let Nick go. Hank is waiting for him, and they head to the scene of another homicide – Catherine’s. Nick knows the house and is sure he knows his mother was behind it. Hank is shocked upon hearing the last name, knowing it’s the same as Adalind’s. Nick talks to Kelly as soon as he gets home, and she tells him what little she found out from Catherine.












Meanwhile, Renard is at home, getting ready to drink the potion Catherine concocted for him. He morphs into some sort of creature that doesn’t look like any other Wesen we’ve seen – is he a Wesen at all? – then drinks it. He begins to scream in pain, flailing around the apartment and breathing out what looks like black soot. His body continues to morph in and out as the potion changes him.












Kelly tells Nick that she needs to leave, so they stop at Aunt Marie’s trailer for the Coins of Zakynthos. She then tells him that she has a lot of regrets, and advises him never to leave the people he loves… although she doesn’t have all the answers, still. He then drops her off at the train station, but as soon as Nick drives away, she breaks into a car.












Renard arrives at the hospital, sneaks into Juliette’s room, gives her a brief kiss on the lips and leaves. She wakes up almost immediately afterwards, shocked to find herself in a hospital bed. Nick arrives a few minutes later, as the doctors and nurses are beginning to examine their suddenly-conscious patient. He’s thrilled to see her awake and kisses her, holding her hand and telling her that he loves her. Juliette, however, pulls away from Nick, seeming completely bewildered, and says to him, “Who are you?”













Poor Juliette. We knew that the potion was eating away at her memories, and it seemed to be specifically taking out Nick, but things definitely look, ahem, grim at the moment. Are those memories completely gone, or can they be returned? Will she just be like an amnesia victim, or did Renard’s kiss do more than wake her up? Did he just replace Nick in her memories, or does he have some other sort of control over her? Does Renard even know? Catherine didn’t seem to tell him that much, and now that she’s gone and Adalind is still MIA, he may not have a clue. That said, will Adalind return once she finds out her mother’s dead? Will she be worth something to Renard again without Mommy Dearest around?

Speaking of dear mothers… Kelly gets major points for giving Monroe and Rosalee a chance, despite years of training to kill their kind. While I doubt any of them will want to hang out together for fun, they all managed to survive the car ride and talk a bit. Rosalee hugging Kelly, knowing full well that she was taking a risk, was also huge – but she got Kelly to hug her back… eventually. Will this result in a continued worldview shift for Kelly? It’ll be interesting to find out. Here’s hoping that we DO find out – is Kelly staying in Portland, without telling Nick? Or has she really left to destroy the coins? Also, Monroe was so incredibly cute being protective of Rosalee. The progression of their relationship is a bit slow, but they’re adorable, and it’s fun to watch – especially as they give Bree Turner more witty lines similar to those Silas Weir Mitchell gets as Monroe. The two just work so well together.

It’s definitely time for Nick to rely on his friends. Monroe and Rosalee are going to be supportive, and maybe Nick will get lucky and Rosalee will manage to pull another potion out of her book of tricks that will help restore Juliette, but something tells me it’s not going to be that easy. He also needs to get back to being closer to Hank – the man knows some weird stuff has been going on, and he needs Nick as much, if not more, than Nick is going to need him. It looks like that’s about to come to a head, so next week could bring a turning point.

And Renard is still a big mystery, perhaps even moreso now. What is he? Catherine called him a bastard, and she seemed to mean it in the literal sense. Could it be that Renard is only half royal blood, which is why he’s not entirely human? Or are all the royals this other creature, whatever he is? If Renard is a royal bastard, it could also explain why he’s working a mundane police job – though clearly he’s got far more money than even a police captain should have – in America while his brother lives in a castle in Europe. It could also go a long way to explaining why other royals – including his immediate family – aren’t seeing things his way. Kudos to Grimm and their writers – for every question they answer, another dozen seem to pop up…














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