DragonCon 2012: Warehouse 13 Panel – Eddie’s In Trouble

When we watch a TV show we usually hope the actors playing our favorite characters get along as well in real life as they do on the screen.  We also like to think that maybe the actors are a little like the characters they portray.  Many times we’d be wrong, but at DragonCon this year the cast of Warehouse 13 did not disappoint.

Their panel at DragonCon was one of the most fun panels I had the pleasure of attending.    The attendees this year were Aaron Ashmore (Jinks), Saul Rubinek (Artie), Eddie McClintock (Pete), Deric Hughes (writer/Executive Story editor), and Anthony Michael Hall (Sykes).  These guys were a lot of fun and had some great stories to tell.  The entire video runs just over 50 minutes, but I promise you the time will literally fly by.  This panel was nearly as entertaining as an episode of Warehouse 13 and at times may have even surpassed it, which is due in no small part to the talent behind the show.

I actually think Eddie McClintock has to reign in his inner child a little bit for the part of Pete Lattimer.  It’s obvious from the start of the panel that Eddie is Pete in many ways, only even more playful.  Watch the video below and before the 20 second mark Eddie’s already explaining how he’s gotten into trouble.

Even more evidence for my case that Eddie is Pete can be found at the 1:20 mark when the moderator asks them if they’ve seen anything at DragonCon that scares them.  Naturally, Eddie has an answer and let’s just say it involves an iconic Starfleet communications officer and leather chaps.  Saul nearly loses his composure as does the audience.

Keeping up his irreverent sense of humor, at 12:15 Eddie has an idea for an interesting and very risque’ artifact.  This was brought about by the apparent abundance of ads the show has for a particular ED medication and naturally comes with another hilarious story.  You just can’t keep a good man down.  (Sorry)

Keep the video going because at 13:25 a fan asks what artifact the cast members would make up if they could.  Saul has an answer regarding the Nielsen ratings that gets huge support from the crowd and I think you’ll be able to relate to it.  Anyone whose favorite show has been axed before its time (that would be all of us) would love this artifact.  Eddie’s artifact wish (16:00) is surprisingly sentimental, but it comes with a painful downside just like many of the ones created for the show.  Aaron swears he was going to think one up, but fell asleep on the plane ride.

Saul is asked about an idea he had at DragonCon 2011 for a Warehouse 13 convention (21:50).  He said that he would like to set up a way of having fans go to Toronto and actually tour the set.  He also urged fans to tweet their support @Syfy for the idea with the hashtag #Warehouse13Con and email Syfy as well.  TNT did something similar with Falling Skies which caused online fan buzz to explode and resulted in a lot of free press for the show.  It’s actually a really smart idea.

At about 34:10 a fan wants to know how the idea of having Christmas specials came about.  Deric talks about how Syfy was pleasantly surprised at the success of a holiday-themed episode that actually aired over the holidays.  Hopefully this means we can count on more in the future.

Someone from the audience comments on the diversity of the cast (39:45) with regard to gender, race and sexuality.  Deric responds with a serious answer about how Syfy and showrunner Jack Kenny are very mindful of the need for diversity.  Not one to disappoint, Eddie makes a comment that sends the conversation sideways for a while, but Saul manages to put things back on track.

Overall, it’s plain to see that these people really do get along and enjoy each others’ company.  It’s truly gratifying to know our friends on TV are friends in the real world, too.

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