Firefly: The Celebration Collectors Book Review

It may have lasted only 1 season, and got only 1 film made after it, but Firefly has remained one of the biggest cult classics of the scifi genre in history. It was a rather simple concept of life in space after only 2 cultures remained and the government sought to control the people. ‘Space cowboys’ was a turn often used, and everyone from the cast were able to use Firefly as a stepping stone to much bigger things.

This collectors addition book is produced by Titan books and written by the creator of the show himself Joss Whedon. This new book combines 3 previously best-selling titles, The Illustrated Companion Vol 1 & 2, and Still Flying. It also adds a huge chunk of new behind the scenes content not available in the other 3 books.

This book is beautifully bound foil-stamped leather-effect binding with over 500 pages of great content on this cult show. What else is cool? It comes with 9 frameable portrait photos of the cast, featuring rare and previously unpublished images, and a facsimile of one of the bank notes featured in the show.

More book features:

  • In-depth interviews with Joss Whedon and the cast and crew
  • Full, uncut shooting scripts to all the episodes
  • Scores of rare photos and pieces of production art, unavailable elsewhere
  • Specially taken photos of props and costumes
  • New stories from writers of the original TV episodes

“A Big Damn Book For Big Damn Heroes”

Overall Grade: A – A Must Buy For Any Fan

Release Date: Oct 2nd, 2012

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