The Transhumanist movement is something I’ve only discovered within the last year or so and it instantly fascinated me, the ideas are amazing and the possibilities are seemingly endless, recently I rediscovered an online digital series that I first discovered when it was really nothing more than an announcement of a plan accompanied by a teaser trailer. I forgot about it until last week when I stumbled across the site again and discovered that it now consists of more than jus a trailer. And I thought I’d share it with you:

‘H+ THE DIGITAL SERIES’ focuses on a select group of characters in a world that has been transformed by the wonders of technology, with a great percentage of the population having chips installed in their heads which basically turns them into a computer – People with this implant can access the internet, television and have access to advanced medical tools and that is only the beginning. You essentially have an iPad or computer in your head that you can use and control with simple thoughts and hand gestures and come on, who wouldn’t want one of those?

Picking up years after the implementation of the H+ chip this series delves into the “What-Ifs” and asks “If technology can be this advanced, should it be?” and how would you as an individual or we as a species cope when it all goes terribly terribly wrong.

The series comes at you in parts. Each part has it’s own title and focuses on one character or group of characters at a time. Because it is a fully online experience the episodes are only very brief lasting between 2 and 5 minutes although Episode 1 does reach almost 7 minutes and focusing on different periods of time “Minutes before it happened.” “Hours or minutes after” it happened and in some cases “Years before it happened.” But what is ‘it’?

As you watch each episode you get wrapped in the story of survival and the awesomeness of the technology and you also get to try and put all the pieces together as the characters do that in their own separate ways. There are layers to all the characters and all the stories and nothing should be ignored.

Episode 1 entitled “Driving Under.” Introduces us to Lee (Melvin Abston) & Julie (Nikki Crawford) a married couple in San Francisco trying to find a parking spot in an airport parking garage. You wouldn’t think anything interesting could happen in a parking lot but it does, and by interesting I don’t mean good! For most of us in this modern world not having a wireless connection in some form is almost unheard of and certainly frustrating but here Lee and Julie discover that the further they drive into the parking garage the less reliable their connection is – again a common problem we all have today but this lack of connection could be responsible for Lee and Julie surviving what they soon discover is a potentially devastating problem with the system that nearly everyone has become reliant one.

Episode 2 entitled “On Their Level.” Begins immediately after episode 1 and shows Lee and Julie still in shock over the devastating and unexplained mass collapse of people they just saw, people we learn who were all connected with the H+ implant. After they get moving again the episode quickly introduces a mysterious stranger named Kenneth (David Clayton Rogers) who herds a ragtag group of survivors further down the structure where he declares they are safe Julie, who is now pulling an unconscious Lee joins them where Kenneth explains to them his theory of what just happened. Met by shock, denial and anger Kenneth must move fast to convince everyone what’s happened and prevent them from leaving and Julie must struggle to get an unconscious Lee to safety before the entire parking structure collapses.

H+ The Digital Series is produced by Bryan Singer which in and of itself decrees a certain amount of awesomeness will be involved in this 48 part series. How much exactly remains to be seen but I for one will be watching it with a great deal of interest. My coverage of this for TiBS will continue as long as people want it to.

Also keep your eye out for a slightly different looking former BUFFY and ANGEL star Alexis Denisof whose role in the series may be more important than you’d first think.

Here is the series trailer:

And a brief look at the H+ chip and the premise of the show by the cast and crew:

Episode 1: Driving Under

Episode 2: On Their Level

And the link to the official series website where you can find all the current episodes as well as BTS exclusives and character bios.


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